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Darlene Brister Charged With 3 Kids Murders

Darlene Brister

Darlene Brister is a woman from Georgia who has just been charged with the murders of 3 children and attempted to kill 2 more. According to police reports Darlene Brister would stab five of the children in the home before setting the house on fire. Three of the children would die from their injuries and the two others would be hospitalised. Georgia police are still trying to figure out what would lead Darlene Brister to commit such a heinous act. So far Darlene Brister has been charged with three counts of malice murder with more charges pending. Needless to say this has death penalty all over it.

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A woman is accused of murder after a fire and alleged attempted stabbing. Deputies said they found seven juveniles at a home in Paulding County, Georgia, on Friday night. Of the five got hurt, two were dead at the scene. Then a third died at a hospital. Authorities later announced that a fourth passed away, but they walked that back, after saying they had a miscommunication with hospital staff.

“Major correction, we were informed incorrectly,” Paulding County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Tyler McSwain told Law&Crime in an email. “The 4th child did not pass away but is still in critical condition. There was miscommunication with hospital staff.”

Darlene Brister, 40, faces two counts of malice murder. Deputies suggested more charges were likely, according to The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionWSB-TV described Brister as the children’s mother.

“At approximately 9:19pm on June 24th, 2022, Paulding E-911 received a call about a domestic disturbance and house fire at 776 Woodwind Dr., Rockmart, GA 30153,” deputies said in an initial news release. “It was reported that a female who was inside the home was attempting to stab the occupants and that at the time of the call, the home was on fire and the occupants were inside.”

Deputies and firefighter arrived, officials said. Authorities put out the fire.

That leaves only four children alive, with two of them injured

“Since the victims involved are juveniles, their personal and identifying information will not be released at this time,” deputies said.

Officials did not say how the children specifically died: the fire, any alleged stabbing, or both.

Several neighbors said the family lived at the home for almost five years, but while they saw them often, they did not know them well, according to WSB-TV. They described hearing about ongoing domestic problems at the residence, though they said they did not think it would get this bad.

“She doesn’t talk to anyone,” neighbor Edward Swinger said.

“We would see them but we wouldn’t communicate with them,”  neighbor Willie Hayes said.

Locals voiced shock and outrage at what allegedly happened.

“I just don’t know who would do that to their kids,” neighbor Holly Addison said.

“She had to be sick or so selfish and so self-centered that she didn’t care about anything or anyone,” another neighbor Robin Zerby said

“For that woman to do that is unbelievably selfish,” David Zerby said, according to WAGA. “All she had to do was take the kids to a hospital … drop them off.”

Brister was locked up without bond at Paulding County Detention Center, the sheriff’s office said.
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