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Antonio Brown Murders 77 Year Old Grandmother Ellen Bowles

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Antonio Brown is from Atlanta Georgia who has been arrested in the case of murdered Grandmother Ellen Bowles. According to police reports Antonio Brown allegedly broke into the gated community in Buckhead Georgia when he attempted to steal the vehicle belonging to Ellen Bowles. When he was confronted Antonio Brown would react by stabbing the 77 year old woman to death. Antonio Brown has so far been charged with suspicion of murder, aggravated battery, hijacking a motor vehicle in the first degree, possession of a knife and abuse of a disabled or elderly person. It is believed that a murder charge is pending

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 A man is now in custody accused in the murder of a 77-year-old woman who was found stabbed to death in her own home over the weekend.

Eleanor Bowles was found dead in the garage of her home in a gated Buckhead community on Saturday on Paces West Terrace.

Police say they believe Bowles was in her home at 11:30 a.m. when Antonio Brown, 23,broke in and tried stealing her 2021 Lexus RS350. They believe she interrupted the robbery and was stabbed and killed.

Brown is currently being held in the Fulton County Jail on charges of murder, aggravated battery, elder abuse, possession of a knife during the commission of a felony and hijacking a motor vehicle. We first obtained his mugshot during Channel 2 Action News This Morning.

Investigators say Brown walked into the gated community, but it is unclear how he was able to get past security. The car was tracked and recovered in DeKalb County.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens said in a news conference on Monday night that Brown was spotted by a citizen who then called police, leading to his capture.

“The son came home to visit his mom for the holidays,” Deputy Chief Charles Hampton said. “This is not a way that a family should have to spend their holiday season, mourning and grieving the death of a loved one.”

Businesses also told Channel 2′s Larry Spruill, they have had incidents with Brown.

“Yes, we are aware, but that’s still under investigation, as far as what the encounters, that we had with him prior to this incident,” said Hampton.

Friends and family members of Bowles have also set up a GoFundMe, all funds raised are going directly to the Atlanta Humane Society, an organization she loved.

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