Jason Osborn Alabama Death Row

Jason Osborn Alabama

Jason Osborn was sentenced to death by the State of Alabama for a murder following a robbery. According to court documents Jason Osborn would rob the victim Ricardo Dwayne Brown of money and drugs. Jason Osborn would then runover Ricardo Dwayne Brown with his vehicle and left him to die. Someone would find Ricardo Dwayne Brown unconscious on the street and he would be rushed to the hospital however he would die from his injuries. Jason Osborn would be arrested and charged with capital murder and robbery. Jason Osborn would be convicted and sentenced to death.

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A man was convicted of capital murder on Tuesday in connection with a hit-and-run death during a robbery in 2018.

Jason Michael Osborn, 44, was found guilty of killing Ricardo Dwayne Brown during a hit-and-run robbery on October 28, 2018. Osborn was arrested on December 19, 2020, following a Morgan County grand jury indictment.

On Wednesday, a jury deliberated for about an hour before returning a verdict for the death penalty. Judge Waters imposed the sentence that afternoon.

In 2018, Decatur Police found Brown lying unconscious on 12th Avenue. He was rushed to the hospital but later died from his injuries. It was investigators who determined that Brown had been a victim of a hit-and-run.

Osborn was identified as the driver of the vehicle that struck Brown after detectives said they interviewed several witnesses. Detectives also found Osborn had robbed Brown of money and drugs before allegedly hitting him with the vehicle and driving away.

The trial began Monday, February 6, and concluded on Tuesday. The District Attorney’s Office confirmed the jury had the case for less than an hour before rendering the verdict

The trial now enters the sentencing phase, where the jury will decide if Osborn will receive the death penalty or a life sentence without the possibility of parole.


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A Decatur man has been sentenced to death for a 2018 hit-and-run murder.

Jason Michael Osborn, 44, received the sentence from Judge Shelly Slate Water this afternoon following his conviction for capital murder. The jury earlier recommended the death penalty.

Osborn was arrested in September 2019 for the murder of Ricardo Brown, which occurred on Oct. 28, 2018.

Brown was found by Decatur police in a roadway at 407 12th Ave. N.W., unresponsive and bleeding from the head. He later died at Decatur Morgan Hospital.

Police months later arrested Osborn, saying multiple witnesses tied him to the killing. Police and prosecutors said Osborn robbed Brown for money and drugs prior to striking him with his vehicle and fleeing.

“We are pleased that Mr. Brown’s family was able to receive justice in this case, and get closure after several years,” Assistant District Attorney Joe Lewis said


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