Kevin Daigle Sentenced To Death In Louisiana

Kevin Daigle louisiana

Kevin Daigle was sentenced to death in Louisiana for the murder of a police officer. According to court documents a drunk Kevin Daigle was on the side of the road and when State Trooper Steven Vincent attempted to help him Daigle pulled out a shotgun and shot the trooper. State Trooper Steven Vincent would later die from his injuries. Kevin Daigle was officially sentenced to death after two different juries would sentence him to death. Kevin Daigle has also been charged with the murder of his roommate Blake Brewer.

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Kevin Daigle has formally been sentenced to death by Judge Clayton Davis after two different juries found that Daigle should die for the murder of State Trooper Steven Vincent.

Vincent responded to a stranded motorist on the side of a rural road in 2015. As he tried to help an intoxicated Kevin Daigle, Daigle pulled out a sawed-off shotgun and gravely wounded Vincent who died in the hospital.

Daigle was formally sentenced to death by Judge Clayton Davis Thursday. For Vincent’s family, this day was long in coming.

Iowa Police Chief Keith Vincent is Steven’s older brother. He felt a sense of relief.

“It sets an example that deviant people cannot go around shooting police officers intentionally, showing no remorse and not having the full extent of the law allowed in this state, which is the death penalty, which is what that law is designed for, capital murder, and it’s good to see he got the fullest extent,” said Chief Vincent.

They still suffer the pain and grief of losing their brother, but Steven’s younger brother, Terrell Vincent, says sentencing helps.

“Maybe, kind of get some closure. I know there will be appeals but to me, just hearing the sentencing, that was enough for me,” said Terrell.

They also expressed gratitude for all the work that went into the trial in which Daigle was convicted and the penalty phase during which juries voted he should die. There was a second penalty phase with a new jury to resolve a defense dispute over whether one juror in the first trial was properly qualified to serve.

“Words can’t express the gratitude and the way we feel that justice was finally served and the district attorney and law enforcement did a great job collecting all the evidence and we finally got the result that the family’s been waiting for, justice,” said Chief Vincent.

“Glad to live in a country where we have a justice system, and it played out. It took a while, but it played out and justice as well as his punishment will be served,” said Terrell.

Death penalty appeals usually take many years.

District Attorney Stephen Dwight says they are prepared.

“We’ll fight that every step of the way, because we feel the jury came back with a just verdict and we’re prepared to continue to fight it through the state court and federal court,” said Dwight.

Right now the state is not performing executions. At last word, it was because they are unable to get the chemicals required for lethal injection.

The defense asked to delay today’s sentencing and asked for a new trial. The judge denied both motions. Defense attorneys declined to do interviews after the sentencing.

Daigle was also charged with the second-degree murder of his roommate Blake Brewer, who was found dead in his Moss Bluff home after Daigle’s arrest.

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