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 Robert Solis Sentenced To Death In Texas

Robert Solis

Robert Solis was sentenced to death by a Texas jury for the murder of a police officer. According to court documents Robert Solis would shoot and kill Harris county sheriff’s deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal during a traffic stop in 2019. According to reports Sandeep Dhaliwal was returning to his patrol car when Robert Solis came up behind him and fired. Robert Solis who would fire three of his attorneys during the trial would end up representing himself. The jury found him guilty in under an hour and sentenced to death.

Robert Solis 2022 Information

SID Number:    04593952

TDCJ Number:    00999625


Race:    H

Gender:    M

Age:    50

Maximum Sentence Date:    DEATH ROW       

Current Facility:    POLUNSKY

Projected Release Date:    DEATH ROW

Parole Eligibility Date:    DEATH ROW

Robert Solis More News

A man was sentenced to death on Wednesday for the fatal 2019 shooting of a law enforcement officer who was the first Sikh deputy in his Texas agency.

A Harris county jury deliberated for about 35 minutes before returning the death sentence for Robert Solis, 50, after convicting him of capital murder on 17 October in Harris county sheriff’s deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal’s killing.

According to trial evidence, Solis shot the 42-year-old deputy multiple times during a 2019 traffic stop in a residential cul-de-sac 18 miles (29km) north-west of Houston. Dhaliwal was returning to his patrol car when Solis shot him from behind.

“The defendant executed a uniformed deputy by shooting him in cold blood in broad daylight. That makes him the worst of the worst, which is why we asked jurors to sentence him to death,” Harris county district attorney Kim Ogg, a Democrat, said in a statement.

Solis represented himself in the trial after firing his three defense attorneys.

Prosecutors had told jurors that Solis had a lengthy criminal record of robberies and sexual predation leading up to Dhaliwal’s killing.

Assistant district attorney Katie Warren, who prosecuted the case, said in a statement on Wednesday that Dhaliwal was not just a trailblazer in the law enforcement community but also an exceptional officer.

“Deputy Dhaliwal was a pillar of this community, and when it came to law enforcement, he set the bar,” Warren said. “His loss is a loss that every single one of us feels. We’re glad today that this jury was able to give justice.”

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