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Victoria Duron Charged With Murdering 16 Yr Old Boy

Victoria Duron Texas

Victoria Duron is a seventeen year old alleged teen killer from Texas who is charged with the murder of sixteen year old Tyrone Fiamahn. According to police reports officers were called to a Houston motel where they found the body of Tyrone Fiamahn who had been shot multiple times and may have been dead for as many as three days.

When Victoria Duron was questioned she would tell police that her and her boyfriend, unnamed 16 year old, were accused by Tyrone Fiamahn of stealing drugs from them on SnapChat. Victoria Duron would say her boyfriend shot Tyrone multiple times and would take the victims possessions before fleeing. However police in Houston Texas would say during her statement she told several lies to police and she would be arrested. Victoria Duron has been charged with capital murder

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 high school student has been charged with capital murder in the death of a 16-year-old runaway during a suspected drug deal gone wrong.

Victoria Duron, 17, claims her boyfriend, who is a minor and has not been named publicly, shot Tyrone Fiamahn dead, The Houston Chronicle reported.

Deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office were called to the motel in West Houston after a report of a possible death in one of the rooms around 8pm on December 16.

When they arrived they found Duron with multiple gunshot wounds to his head, neck, back and arm.

Police believed he had been dead for several days, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Duron told investigators she knew Fiamahn as Knox and that he was her boyfriend’s drug supplier. She said her boyfriend sold narcotics he got from him

Duran said the pair had met with the victim several times before the fatal shooting, court records reveal.

The night of his death Victoria Duron claimed Fiamahn accused her and her boyfriend of stealing drugs, which the couple denied.

She said her boyfriend then shot Fiamahn multiple times, court records obtained by DailyMail.com show.

Before fleeing, the pair rummaged though Fiamahn’s belonging stealing $1,000 and taking THC vapes from his backpack and the victims phone and rifle.

Victoria Duron said the pair went to her boyfriend’s uncles house where they both confessed to the killing.

She said the uncle helped the pair burn the clothing they were both wearing during the day of the shooting. 

On December 16, video surveillance taken from the motel shows a man and a woman – wearing hooded jackets – getting dropped off in a Ford F150 Lyft truck.

The pair are seen knocking on the door, someone on the other side opens the door – the couple enter in the same room Fiamahn was found in, court records reveal.

Around 10.50pm, a man and woman – with their heads down and faces covered – leave the room.

Court documents state ‘the man appeared to have something in his pants keeping him from moving in a normal manner,’ the news outlet reported.

The pair are then seen leaving in a Lyft vehicle – a Kia Optima. Both Lyft vehicles and the rides were traced back to Duron’s father’s phone number.

According to court documents, cellphone records show Duron was near the motel at the time of the murder.

Duron gave a voluntary statement to police – that was made available in court documents on Tuesday – but investigators said in those documents she gave partial truths and lied several times in her statement.

It was still unclear which of Duron’s statements were considered false by authorities, and how that was determined.

There was no further information provided on Duron’s alleged boyfriend, according to Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

GoFundMe has been created by a family member of Fiamahn to help with funeral expenses.

‘Tyrone was a very energetic individual since he was a child. His smile would stretch from ear to ear leaving you no choice but to smile back and even laugh.

‘A smart, outgoing and courageous person; Tyrone never seemed to ever be bothered by his surroundings no matter the situation or condition, he always made the best of what he had,’ they wrote. 

‘He cared for his family and friends dearly. Sadly his life was cut short in the most tragic way one could imagine.

‘He had a bright future ahead of him with his family right behind. Unfortunately, we will not get to see our brother, our cousin, or our friend graduate from high school or achieve any of his life goals,’ they said.

As of Wednesday, nearly $2,000 has been raised towards their goal of $20,000.

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