Scott Eizember Execution Scheduled For January 12 2023

Scott  Eizember

Scott Eizember is scheduled to be executed tonight, January 12 2023, by the State of Oklahoma for the murders of an elderly couple. According to court documents Scott Eizember would break into the elderly victim’s home and when they arrived home Eizember would murder the couple. After the double murder Scott Eizember would go on a multi state crime spree before finally being arrested. Scott Eizember who has never denied the double murder has been attempting to get his execution switched to life without parole.

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Oklahoma plans to move forward with the execution of a man convicted of murdering an elderly couple Thursday after a parole board voted against granting him clemency.

Scott James Eizember, 62, is scheduled for lethal injection. He was convicted of the murders of A.J. Cantrell, 76, and Patsy Cantrell, 70, which he carried out in 2003. His attorneys do not contest Eizember’s guilt, but argue his life still has worth, The Associated Press reported.

“I make no excuses. I belong in prison,” Eizember told the parole board in December. “I’ve said that right from the start, and I apologize profusely to all the victims and when I say all, I mean the entire Creek County community.”

“He has felt remorse every day of his imprisonment. There is no reason to kill him next month other than revenge,” attorney Mark Henricksen said at the time.

Prosecutors say Eizember broke into the Cantrell’s home in order to more easily stalk his ex-girlfriend, who lived across the street. They allege Eizember waited for the couple to leave the home before entering, and that he murdered them when they came home unexpectedly.

Prosecutors say he shot Patsy with a shotgun and then used the shotgun to beat A.J. to death, though defense attorneys argued Patsy was shot while A.J. and Eizember struggled over the weapon, the AP reported.

Immediately after the killings, prosecutors said, Eizember entered the home of his ex-girlfriend, Kathryn Smith, and shot her son in the back and attacked Smith’s mother. Both survived the encounter and Eizember fled the scene, according to the AP.

Eizember wasn’t caught until months later. Authorities said he was attempting to travel to Arkansas by holding another couple at gun point and forcing them the drive him there. The husband was able to recover a pistol he had hidden inside his vehicle and shot Eizember four times before calling the police.

Scott Eizember Execution

Oklahoma executed death row inmate Scott Eizember Thursday morning at the state penitentiary in McAlester.

Scott Eizember was on death row for the 2003 murder of A.J. and Patsy Cantrell in Depew. The state said Eizember had been hiding in the Cantrell house, stalking their neighbor, who was his ex-girlfriend

When the Cantrells arrived home unexpectedly, Eizember struggled with them and Patsy was accidentally shot while A.J. was bludgeoned to death by Eizember. In the days after the attack, Eizember went on the run, even carjacking a couple before eventually being arrested in Texas.

“It was my solemn duty this morning to be present for the execution of Scott James Eizember, whose terrible crimes shattered a loving family and sentenced them to a lifetime of grief and loss,” Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond said in a news release. “After nearly 20 years, justice is served. I understand that nothing can ever lessen the pain of a loved one’s death, but I pray that today brings closure and some measure of peace to the Cantrell family.”

In December, the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board voted against recommending clemency for Eizember

Eizember was the first of 10 death row inmates set to be executed this year in Oklahoma. One execution is scheduled for nearly every month of 2023.

Oklahoma’s next scheduled execution is on Feb. 16 for death row inmate Richard Glossip. Gov. Kevin Stitt has delayed Glossip’s execution twice in the past year, issuing executive orders to “allow time for the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals to address pending legal proceedings.”

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