Raul Cervera Teen Killer Murders During Robbery

Raul Cervera

Raul Cervera was fifteen years old when he would murder a man during a robbery attempt. According to court documents the teen killer and the victim Abram Garcia were in the middle of a drug deal when Raul Cervera decided to rob him, that decision would end in Garcia being fatally shot. Raul Cervera would be arrested and charged with capital murder. However after spending nearly three years waiting for trial this teen killer would plead guilty and would eventually be sentenced to a maximum of thirty years in prison however he is eligible for parole after fifteen years

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Raul Cervera was just 15 years old when he was charged with capital murder after he was accused of shooting a former correctional officer during a robbery attempt in late 2018.

Defense attorneys spent the day describing Raul’s chaotic childhood, shaped by poverty, a neglectful mother, and her abusive boyfriends.

Prosecutors pointed out Raul’s five other siblings, raised under the same conditions who never killed anyone.

After sentencing, family members of the victim, 20-year-old Abram Garcia, had a chance to speak directly to the teen.

“They talk about you sitting in a cell. At least you’re alive. You get to breathe; you get to be alive. He doesn’t get that because you took that from him,” said one family member.

“Because to me, 30 years is not enough. Because my grandson’s life was worth more than that. But that man upstairs is going to make sure that you have a hard life,” the victim’s grandmother added.

“And though I pray to god every single day of every second of my life, I pray to him. ‘God please, I will do anything. I will give anything. Please. Give me my son back.’ and he can’t,” the mother said.

Under the terms of the plea deal, 30 years was the maximum sentence the judge could give Cervera.


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