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Rebecca Hogue Sentenced To 16 Months Not Life

rebecca hogue

Rebecca Hogue was just sentenced to sixteen months in a residential treatment center and not life in prison for the death of her two year old son. According to court documents Rebecca Hogue two year old son Ryder Johnson died on New Years Day in 2020 after being abused by Hogue former boyfriend Christopher Trent. Now at trial Rebecca Hogue was found guilty of not stopping the abuse of her son, which means murder in Oklahoma, and the recommended sentence was life in prison however the presiding Judge in the case thought differently. Cleveland County Judge Michael Tupper would sentence Rebecca Hogue to sixteen months in a residential treatment center as she was obviously a victim of domestic violence. Police reports would show that the abuse of Ryder Johnson escalated in the weeks before his death. When police went to arrest Christopher Trent they would find his body as he took his own life.

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Cleveland County Judge Michael Tupper has sentenced Rebecca Hogue to 16 months in prison instead of the life sentence recommended in November.

Hogue was convicted of murder in the death of her 2-year-old son, Jeremiah Johnson, known as Ryder.

The defense argued that Hogue was a victim of domestic violence and recommended that she spend time at a long-term residential treatment facility.

Ryder Johnson died on New Year’s Day 2020 after being abused to the point of death by Hogue’s boyfriend, Christopher Trent.

The state proved Hogue knew or should’ve known about the abuse. She was found guilty and a life sentence was recommended. The defense pushed to forgo jail time and argued that trauma during her life and from her son’s death meant she would benefit from mental health treatment.

Even though Hogue’s boyfriend was accused of killing Ryder, authorities in Norman decided to charge her with murder after they said she enabled child abuse that led to Ryder’s death.

Police reports said Hogue woke on New Year’s Day 2020 to find her son not breathing. Ryder also had bruises and other injuries to his face and head and serious injuries on his back, according to police.

Law enforcement searched the home and found a large hole in the master bedroom with what appeared to be Ryder’s hair inside, police said.

Shortly after, police started searching for Hogue’s boyfriend, Christopher Trent. The search took police to the Wichita Wildlife Mountain Refuge, where authorities found Trent’s body.

Trent died from an apparent suicide

Hogue told police Ryder had been bruised by Trent a month before the murder.

The state said during Hogue’s trial that Hogue either knew about the abuse or should have known. Attorneys opened their closing arguments by saying, “the guilty might flee, but the ones who can’t make up a story.”

The state also argued that Ryder sustained several injuries over two weeks, with the most severe injuries happening days before his death. They claimed Hogue made up a story that Ryder fell down the stairs.

Hogue’s lawyers said Trent manipulated and gaslit her and covered up any abuse. They believed Hogue deserved the benefit of the doubt.

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Christopher Trent would commit suicide before he could be arrested

Rebecca Hogue Now

Rebecca Hogue is currently incarcerated in the Oklahoma Department Of Corrections
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