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Joel Hollendorfer Charged In Kara Nichols Murder

Joel Hollendorfer

Joel Hollendorfer has been charged in the murder of Kara Nichols who disappeared back in 2012. According to police reports Kara Nichols was an aspiring model who would disappear back in October 2012 and would be reported missing by her roommates five days. later. According to reports the aspiring model had been working as an escort to pay the bills and police found text messages connecting her to Joel Hollendorfer. Apparently Joel Hollendorfer would confess to his wife that he had hired an escort, strangled her in his car and buried her body at his parents farm. Well Colorado police would find the remains of the nineteen year old this week and would charged Joel Hollendorfer with second degree murder and tampering with evidence. According to reports police had searched the farm back in 2014 and when the cadaver dogs hit in the area that Kara Nichols remains would be found his mother told police that was where they had buried animals that had died on the farm.

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On Monday, police say they found the remains of 19-year-old aspiring model, Kara Nichols, nearly 10 years after she went missing. Police arrested 46-year-old Joel Hollendorfer in connection with Nichols’ murder. He is charged with second-degree murder and tampering with physical evidence.

“Kara was loved in 2012, just as much as she was in 2022,” said Michelle Bart with the National Women’s Coalition of Violence and Exploitation. Bart has helped the Nichols family for years since Nichols disappearance, and is serving as their spokesperson for the time being.

Nichols, who attempted to spark her modeling career at age 19, told her friends she would be traveling from Colorado Springs to Denver for a photoshoot in 2012 on Oct. 9. She wouldn’t be seen again.

However, her loved ones say she was much more than an aspiring model.

“A lot of times the pictures they would put out, post of her… They never showed her sense of humor, her joking… but there was a sparkle inside of her… There was kindness,” said Dina Wood, Nichols’ High School English Teacher.

Her body was found off of Burgess Road in Black Forest, agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation were also on the scene.

“A witness was located and interviewed. There was critical information given in that interview which provided a significant new lead,” said Sheriff Bill Elder.

“The location of the remains and the person of interest… No. We weren’t surprised,” said Bart.

During a hearing, prosecutors told the judge that charges for Hollendorfer were likely to increase to First Degree Murder based on autopsy results.

During his advisement hearing on Wednesday, the judge increased Hollendorfer’s bond from $50,000 to $1 million. He was also ordered to surrender his passport and was deemed a flight risk due to his previous Failure to Appear Charges.

Records show Hollendorfer previously had multiple Domestic Violence charges involving his ex-wife.

“We would have liked to have seen that because if his track record since 1994, would have not given him bail at all,” said Bart.

Hollendorfer’s next court appearance is scheduled for Thursday, February 17

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When Did Kara Nichols Disappear

Kara Nichols was reported missing in 2012

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Joel Hollendorfer is awaiting trial for the murder of Kara Nichols

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