Teachers Aide Ashley Waffle Charged With Rape

Ashley Waffle

Ashley Waffle was a teacher’s aide for the Granite Public Schools in Oklahoma for less than a month however during that time she started up a sexual relationship with a sixteen year old boy and is now charged with 2 counts of second degree rape. According to the Granite Public Schools Ashley Waffle was hired on October 10 and two weeks later she started messaging a student on Snapchat. Ashley Waffle would end up taking the boy home where they engaged in sexual intercourse on two different occasions. Ashley Waffle would be fired on November 9 and charged with 2 counts of second degree rape.

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teaching assistant allegedly had sex with a student just two weeks after starting a new job at a high school.

Ashley Waffle, 22, from Granite, Oklahoma, had recently landed a temporary role working for Granite Public Schools on October 10 when she started to message a 16-year-old boy on Snapchat.

Authorities were soon alerted after the town, which has less than 2,000 people, started hearing rumours of the pair talking to each other after the boy was invited round to her apartment.

According to police, Ms Waffle had sex with the teenager twice at her flat around November 9.

The teaching assistant was sacked from her job on November 10 and faces two charges of second-degree rape which could see her in prison for up to 15 years.

Waffle is currently being held at Greer County jail in Oklahoma.

District Superintendent Missy Berry tried to reassure parents the school was safe as authorities investigate.

The sacking comes just days after a ‘sick’ high school football coach was jailed for hiding a camera disguised as phone charger to spy on girls in a changing room.

Disgraced coach David Arthur Riden, 53, worked at Los Osos High School in California and secretly photographed and filmed more than 21 students getting changed in a locker room in August 2021.

He pleaded guilty on October 4 to possessing more than 600 images of child sexual assault material and using a minor to produce child sexual assault material.

Riden was arrested last year after a high school employee found a camera disguised as a phone charger in the locker room


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