Brandon Louis Sandoval Charged In Aaliyah Cortez Murder

Brandon Louis Sandoval

Brandon Louis Sandoval is a seventeen year old alleged teen killer from Colorado who has been charged in the murder of sixteen year old Aaliyah Cortez. According to police reports Brandon Louis Sandoval would fatally shoot Aaliyah Cortez as she sat inside of a vehicle in Denver Colorado. Apparently Aaliyah Cortez and her sister were arranging to buy THC cartridges through someone they only knew through SnapChat. The two girls would not end up meeting the seller as they ended up lost.

The two girls began driving around a park attempting to get their bearings when Brandon Louis Sandoval would walk up to the vehicle pointing a gunThe two girls attempted to drive away when Brandon Louis Sandoval began firing into the car killing Aaliyah Cortez. Brandon Louis Sandoval has been charged as an adult with murder.

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A Denver, Colorado, teenager was charged on Monday with the murder of a 16-year-old girl, and according to the district attorney, he will be charged as an adult.

Denver District Attorney Beth McCann announced in a press release that her office filed criminal charges against Brandon Louis Sandoval, who was 17 years old when he allegedly killed 16-year-old Aaliyah Cortez.

Police responded to reports of a shooting on N. Peoria Street on Jan. 11, 2023, and when they arrived, they found the victim sitting in the passenger seat of a car and suffering from a gunshot wound.

Fox station KDVR in Denver reported that according to the arrest affidavit, Cortez was sitting in the car with her sister, who wanted to sell THC vape pens to a friend of a friend whom she never met.

The affidavit added that although the sister had never met the buyer, she had his Snapchat.

The sister was given the address of the location to meet the buyer, and when they arrived in the neighborhood, they got lost and started driving slowly near a park.

As the two slowed, KDVR reported, a teenage boy approached the vehicle, pointed a gun at the sister’s head, and the sister threw the THC cartridges out of the car.

The affidavit also said the sister started to drive away from the teenage boy and Cortez started hitting him to let go of the car frame. Then, the suspect fired his gun and struck Cortez.

The sister identified Sandoval as the suspect, once he was in custody, KDVR reported.

Sandoval was charged with first-degree murder, felony menacing and possession of a handgun as a minor.

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