Murtadah Muhammad Tortures 7 Year Old Son

Murtadah Muhammad

Murtadah Muhammad is a POS from Manchester New Hampshire who admitted to police that he tortured his seven year old son as discipline. According to police reports Murtadah Muhammad seven year old son was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries and the little boy is currently fighting for his life. When speaking to police Murtadah Muhammad would admit using power cords and hot water. The seven year old boy suffered burns to 15 to 20 percent of his body and had 30 loop marks. Murtadah Muhammad has been charged with first- and second-degree assault, falsifying physical evidence, and endangering the welfare of a child.

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A man accused of abusing his 7-year-old son has been charged with assault, endangering the welfare of a child and falsifying evidence as the boy remains hospitalized.

According to court documents, Murtadah Mohammad, 25, admitted to using power cords and hot water for what he called forms of discipline on his son, Jaevion.

Officers responding to Mohammad’s Eastern Avenue apartment Thursday said the boy was unconscious and wasn’t breathing.

Police said his injuries include burns on 15-20% of his body and more than 30 loop marks with broken skin. After testing the faucet water, police found that its highest temperature was 153 degrees.

The boy’s mom, Rainah Riley, told News 9 he is in serious condition and is being treated at Massachusetts General Hospital. In court Friday, she said the family is preparing for the worst.

Neighbors said they were heartbroken to hear that something like this could have been happening in their backyard.

“He’s a very good boy and kind. Very quiet, respectful,” said neighbor Amani Lameldin. “I can’t believe that was going on to him.”

Lameldin said her son is very good friends with Jaevion, and they play together after school. She said he doesn’t understand where his friend is or what happened.

“He asked me, ‘Where’s JJ, mom? Where is he? Is he going to go to school tomorrow?'” she said.

Neighbors said they’re hoping that the boy’s condition improves.

“I was just inside, laying down, getting ready for work that morning while a kid was getting hurt, and I had no idea,” said neighbor Jennifer Giuffrida. “And now I think about my kids.”

Mohammad waived his arraignment Friday and is being held on preventative detention.

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