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Dylan Eason is a teen killer from Colorado who would murder his stepmother in a case where his own father believed that he should receive the death penalty. According to court documents Dylan Eason and Isaiah Churchwell would break into the Eason family home and beat to death Dr Cynthia Campbell Eason. The pair would then still a number of valuables which they would later sell for drugs. Dylan Eason and Isaiah Churchwell would be arrested. Dylan Eason would be convicted of him guilty of murder, aggravated robbery, and first-degree burglary and sentenced to life without parole

Dylan Eason 2023 Information

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Hair Color:BLACK
Eye Color:BROWN
Height:6′ 01″
DOC Number:176027Est. Parole
Eligibility Date:Next Parole
Hearing Date:This offender is scheduled on the Parole Board agenda for the month and year above. Please contact the facility case manager for the exact date.
Est. Mandatory
Release Date:Est. Sentence
Discharge Date:12/31/9998Current Facility

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After being found guilty for the April 2016 murder of his stepmother Dr. Cynthia Campbell-Eason, Dylan Eason received a life sentence without the possibility of parole at his sentencing hearing Tuesday, April 11, in Kit Carson County’s district court.

At the Thursday, March 9, conclusion of Eason’s trial, which lasted nearly two weeks, the jury delivered guilty verdicts on four counts, including murder in the first degree, murder in the second degree, aggravated robbery and first degree burglary.

While Eason received life without parole for the murder convictions, he will serve 32 years for the aggravated robbery, to run concurrently to the life sentence, and 18 years for the first degree burglary conviction, which will be consecutive to his life sentence.

No one present spoke on Eason’s behalf.

Dylan Eason Sentencing

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https://assets.scrippsdigital.com/cms/videoIframe.html?&host=www.thedenverchannel.com&title=Son%20arrested%20in%20veterinarian%27s%20murder&kw=&autoplay=true&m3u8=http://media.thedenverchannel.com/video/video_studio/2016/05/02/Stepson_and_his_friend_arrested_in_death_of_vete_472690_1200.mp4&mp4=http://media.thedenverchannel.com/video/video_studio/2016/05/02/Stepson_and_his_friend_arrested_in_death_of_vete_472690_1200.mp4&purl=/news/eastern-plains/two-arrested-in-veterinarian-cynthia-campbell-eason-murder-in-burlington&dtrack=1&story=1&contplay=*recent&mute=1&tags=News&cust_params=temp%3D%26weather%3D&s=kmghTwo people have been arrested in the death of veterinarian Cynthia Campbell Eason, one of whom is her stepson.The Coroner ruled that the preliminary cause of death is blunt force injuries; Eason was beaten to death.Eason was found dead in her hom

By: Deb Stanley , Jaclyn AllenPosted at 12:02 PM, May 02, 2016 and last updated 12:36 AM, May 03, 2016

Two people have been arrested in the death of veterinarian Cynthia Campbell Eason, one of whom is her stepson.

The Coroner ruled that the preliminary cause of death is blunt force injuries; Eason was beaten to death.

Eason was found dead in her home in the Eastern Plains town of Burlington Friday afternoon.

The Burlington Police Department said officers arrested Dylan Eason, 19, and Isaiah Churchwell, 24, in connection with the murder.

While police have not released the relationship between Dylan Eason and Cynthia Eason, Eason’s husband, Jon Eason, said that he wants the death penalty for his son and his son’s friend.

“I am wondering as a parent, why I’m so insistent on my son and his friend receive the death penalty for killing my wife over simple greed,” Eason wrote on Facebook. “I have never felt hate before, but I’m so engulfed in hate, that I I want my kid and his friend to pay with their lives. I’m ashamed of feeling this way, I know Cindy would not like my anger and madness that I’m living with.”

In an interview with Denver7’s Jaclyn Allen, Jon Eason did not want to speak about the crime, but about his wife of five years.

“I just want the world to know that she was a wonderful woman. She was my best friend. I can’t imagine a life without her but I’m going to have to live it, and it sucks,” he said.

And while he said he is still “leaning towards” wanting the death penalty, “I have a double sword here. I’ve actually lost my son, too. Although I think I lost him years ago.”

Neighbors said Dylan Eason was a high-school dropout, who had already had run-ins with law enforcement.

“His friends told me he was always saying he was going to snap one day,” said Kayla Pleimann, who lives next door. “I knew he was very violent.” 

Police said it’s believed the suspects allegedly entered Eason’s home, caused her death, then fled with items stolen from the residence.

Police said the suspects are being held without bond.

Meanwhile, the town of Burlington is grieving the loss.

“People here, I don’t even know them, and they’re hugging me because my wife touched their life,” said Jon Eason. “I didn’t realize how important Cindy was to this community until Saturday.”


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Dylan Eason Now

Dylan Eason is currently incarcerated at the Freemont Correctional Facility

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Dylan Eason is serving life without parole
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