Jodi Arias And The Murder Of Travis Alexander

Jody Arias mugshot

Jodi Arias was a woman from California who would be convicted of the murder of her on and off again boyfriend Travis Alexander in Utah. According to court documents Jodi Arias would stage a burglary at her Grandparents home in California where a gun was among the items missing. On June 4, 2008 Travis Alexander … Read more

Megan Boswell Charged With Infant Daughters Murder

Megan Boswell

Megan Boswell is a eighteen year old from Tennessee who has been charged with the murder of her fifteen month old daughter. This alleged teen killer whose daughter was reported missing and then told authorities that the little girl was with her father has been charged with an assortment of charges including murder, child abuse … Read more

Jennie Bunsom Charged With Killing 7 Year Old

jennie bunsom

Jennie Bunsom was a sixteen year old from Colorado when she allegedly murdered her seven year old cousin who she was babysitting. According to police Jennie Bunsom was just finished arguing with her girlfriend when seven year old Jordan Vong came into her room. She allegedly asked the child to leave but when he refused … Read more

Raymond Childs III Charged With 6 Counts Of Murder

Raymond Childs III

Raymond Childs III has been charged with six counts of murder related to a shooting in Indianapolis Indiana that left five people dead including a pregnant woman who was due to give birth any day. According to police Raymond Childs III would shoot dead his parents while they were laying in their bed and then … Read more

George Stinney Innocent But Executed

george stinney jr

George Stinney was a fourteen year old teen from South Carolina who was arrested for the murders of two young girls. According to court documents the bodies of Betty June Binnicker and Mary Emma Thames were found on March 23, 1944. The two girls were reported the night before. Betty June Binnicker died from head … Read more