justice knight
justice knight

Justice Knight was sentenced to death and sent to Alabama Death Row for a robbery murder. According to court documents Justice Knight planned the murder of Jarvis Daffin in 2014 in order to steal the victim’s tax refund. Jarvis Daffin would be fatally shot. Justice Knight would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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Henry County judge sentenced Justice Knight to death on Thursday for the murder of Jarvis Daffin in 2014 over what prosecutors said was a killing for money.

Circuit Court Judge Brad Mendheim pronounced the sentence Thursday morning at the Henry County Courthouse in Abbeville.

Knight was found guilty of three counts of capital murder in connection with Daffin’s death – capital murder during a first-degree robbery, capital murder during a first-degree kidnapping and capital murder while shooting someone in a vehicle.

Prosecutors alleged during a week-long trial that Knight conspired to kill Daffin in order to take his tax refund money. District Attorney Doug Valeska said Knight and another man, Antwain “Duke” Wingard, participated in the murder. However, prosecutors said evidence indicates Knight is the trigger man.

Knight’s attorney, Shaun McGhee, argued that Knight was present but did not participate in the murder and that prosecution witnesses had favorable connections to Wingard and were motivated to point the finger at Knight.

Capital murder charges against Wingard are pending.

During the penalty phase of the trial, Knight’s attorney said there were several mitigating factors that should be considered, which could save Knight from the death penalty.


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