Famous Twins Consuela and Allie Jones Shooting Caught On Live

Consuela and Allie Jones Famous Twins

The Famous Twins, whose real names are Consuela and Allie Jones, have been arrested following a shooting that was caught on Facebook Live. According to police reports the Famous Twins were seen on video firing gunshots that left two people injured. For some reason the Famous Twins aka Consuela and Allie Jones were not charged with attempted murder charges. If you have never heard of the Famous Twins they are a pair of sisters who are famous thanks to TikTok and Facebook. For whatever the reason they decided it would be good for their image to put all of their dirt on Facebook Live and other social media platforms

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A pair of Mobile twins who are TikTok famous were arrested Thursday after they allegedly fired guns in a local park, wounding two people, including a teenage girl, police said.

The incident at Maitre Park was livestreamed, which Mobile’s top cop surmised was intentional and done to gain social media clout, according to Fox 10.

Consuela and Allie Jones are known as the Famous Twins through their handle @fam0us.twinsss on Instagram and TikTok, where they have a million followers.

Following a fight in Maitre Park, a livestream showed a woman firing gunshots as the crowd scatters, according to Fox 10.

A 16-year-old girl and a woman were injured from the gunfire and were expected to be O.K., the outlet reported.

Mobile Metro Jail records showed the twins were charged with second-degree assault in connection with the incident.

Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine told Fox 10 he hopes the livestream leads to more tips about the incident, although he said he was “disgusted” by it.

Prine said he believed cell phone cameras may have been rolling to help the twins gain even more of a following on social media.

“I think that it’s important to note that maybe in that particular incident that the video was intentional, and it was to gain attention. Either for social media or for some sort of reward whatever the case may be,” Prine said. “It seems like especially with the younger generation, they solicit some type of following or gathering from these types of incidents. But nevertheless, that’s an unfortunate incident, but the video certainly aided in developing the identity of the suspects as well.”

For one half of the Famous Twins, Thursday’s arrest was not their first brush with the law.

Consuela Jones, also known as Sway Bentley, found herself in Mobile Metro Jail in September on a slew of charges, including second-degree possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, pistol carrying with a permit, second-degree domestic violence and burglary.

The charges were filed following a fight between her and her sister.


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