Valessa Robinson Teen Killer Murders Mother

Valessa Robinson Teen Killer

Valessa Robinson was just fifteen years old when she took part in her mothers murder. According to court documents Valessa began dating a much older teen named Adam Davis who was already a convicted felon by the time he was eighteen years old. Needless to say Valessa’s mother was not happy and tried to get her daughter to end the relationship however instead of leaving Adam Davis the young couple planned a murder.

On the night of the murder Valessa, Adam and another teen named Jon Whispel were high on LSD when they attacked Valessa’s mother. The trio attempted to murder the woman in several different ways from injecting bleach into her veins. In the end the woman was stabbed multiple times causing her death. The victim’s body was shoved into a garbage can. The trio would steal the woman’s van and leave the Tampa Bay Florida area

Soon the trio would attract attention and would be stopped by police in Texas following a brief chase. Initially the police thought that Valessa had no role in her mother’s brutal murder however that would soon change. In the end the trio would be sent back to Florida to stand trial. Valessa and Jon were given long prison sentences, This teen killer was released in 2015 after serving nearly fifteen years. Whispel is due to be released this year. Adam Davis who confessed to murdering Valessa’s mother was sentenced to death and remains on Florida death row.

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Nearly two decades after taking part in her mother’s murder, Valessa Robinson is now a mother herself, according to public photos posted on her Facebook page.

In her profile picture, dated late September 2015, Robinson is showing off her new baby boy.

Robinson, now 32, was released from prison in 2013 after serving 13 years of her 20-year sentence. She was convicted of third-degree murder in the 1998 murder of her mother, Vicki Robinson, a 49-year-old real estate agent and a single mother of two.

Vicki Robinson vanished from her Carrollwood home on June 27, 1998, after Valessa Robinson, then 15, her boyfriend Adam Davis and friend Jon Whispel plotted the mother’s death.

The trio took LSD before Davis, now on Florida’s death row, injected Vicki Robinson with bleach and stabbed her to death.

Robinson’s Facebook says she’s in a relationship with Hunter Markarian. They live in South Florida.

Markarian’s Facebook page shows public photos of the baby playing with his own feet earlier this week. Friends of the couple commented on the photos calling the baby a “cutie.” The child appears to have been born in August.

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Valessa Robinson was released from prison in 2015

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Valessa Robinson More News

Jon Whispel, who charged with assisting in the 1998 murder of Vicki Robinson has been released, the Florida Department of Corrections has confirmed.

He was released on Thursday. 

Robinson’s murder in 1998 shocked Carrollwood and the Tampa Bay area. The crime also gained national attention.

Adam Davis, Robinson’s daughter, Valessa and Whispel plotted to kill Robinson. At the time, Davis was 19 and Valessa was 15.

Investigators said they killed Vicki because she didn’t approve of Valessa’s relationship and was planning to send her daughter to a Christian reform school.

Authorities found the three teens injected Vicki with bleach, stabbed her and stuffed her body in a garbage can.

Davis was put on death row. Whispel was sentenced to 25 years and was originally set to be released in 2020. Valessa was released from Homestead Correctional Institution in 2013.

In June 2017, Davis’ sentence was vacated after his requests under the 2016 Hurst v. Florida ruling.

Adam Davis 2021 Information

DC Number:145267
Birth Date:12/10/1978
Initial Receipt Date:01/04/2000
Current Facility:UNION C.I.
Current Custody:MAXIMUM
Current Release Date:PENDING
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