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Jacquiline Nikki Reynolds Teen Killer Murders Mother

Jacquiline Nikki Reynolds

Jacquiline Nikki Reynolds was seventeen when she stabbed her adoptive mother to death in Florida. According to court documents Nikki Reynolds was upset that she broke up with her boyfriend and would plan to kill both her mother and her boyfriend. Jacquiline Nikki Reynolds would stab to death her mother and then call 911 to report what she had just done. Jacquiline Nikki Reynolds said she stopped with the one murder because it was too hard.

This teen killer was initially sentenced to thirty four years in prison however it was later changed to twenty one years. As of 2019 Nikki Reynolds has been released from prison.

Jacquiline Nikki Reynolds Other News

A young Coral Springs woman who stabbed her adoptive mother to death in 1997 got her prison sentence cut by more than 12 years on Wednesday and could be out in 2019.

Jacquiline Nikki Reynolds, 21, was sentenced in 1999 to 34 years for the murder of Billie Jean Reynolds at their home. But an appellate court later ruled in another case that the sentencing guidelines were unconstitutional and Reynolds was entitled to be re-sentenced.

Broward Circuit Judge Sheldon Schapiro re-sentenced Jacquiline Nikki Reynolds to 21 years and eight months, the maximum under the 1994 guidelines that were reinstated when the 1995 ones were invalidated.

Wearing prison scrubs, Reynolds smiled at her attorney, Wayne Corry, and nodded her head when she heard the new sentence.

The judge rejected a request from prosecutor Deborah Zimet, who had asked him to consider ruling that the crime was so bad, Reynolds should still be imprisoned for up to 34 years. Under the valid guidelines her sentence should be aggravated and hiked back to what it was originally, Zimet said.

In May 1997 Reynolds, then 17, stabbed her mother 25 times, then called 911 and confessed to the dispatcher. In a detailed confession later to police, she said she had planned to kill both her adoptive parents and her boyfriend, Carlos Infante. She said she stopped after murdering her mother because it was “too hard.”

Reynolds was diagnosed with psychiatric and emotional problems but a jury rejected her insanity defense in 1999 and found her guilty of second-degree murder.

Last week, Zimet told the judge that Reynolds should serve more time because the murder could be characterized as especially heinous, atrocious or cruel and the victim suffered extraordinary physical or emotional trauma.

“The victim was conscious and aware of her impending death,” Zimet said.

According to Reynolds’ confession, her mother begged her to stop and told Reynolds that she loved her even as Reynolds chased her and repeatedly plunged a kitchen knife into her.

The Reynoldses were devoted to their daughter from the moment they adopted her as an infant. The family was deeply religious and heavily involved in the Coral Baptist Church in Coral Springs.

Billie Jean Reynolds must have been devastated that her beloved daughter was the one who attacked her, Zimet said.

Family tensions broke out in the year before the murder when Nikki Reynolds began to lie to her parents. She made a false allegation of rape and faked pregnancy to try to hold on to Infante when he broke up with her. She refused her parents’ offers of help and would not go for psychiatric treatment.

Corry asked the judge to consider Reynolds’ youth at the time of the incident and her psychiatric problems. He said he was pleased with the sentence reduction.

Reynolds has already served about four years of her sentence and is likely to complete about 85 percent of the prison term before she is considered for release.

Jacquiline Nikki Reynolds


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Jacquiline Nikki Reynolds 2022 Information

DC Number:L26117
Birth Date:07/16/1979
Release Date:09/18/2015

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