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Rachel Wade Teen Killer

Rachel Wade was a teenager in Florida who was involved in a love triangle that ended in murder. According to court documents Rachel Wade and Sarah Ludemann were both involved with the same man Joshua Camacho. What started as nasty phone calls and texts quickly turned violent when Wade would fatally stab Ludemann. This teen killer was quickly arrested and this teen killer would be convicted at trial and sentenced to spend 27 years in prison.

Rachel Wade 2023 Information

rachael wade 2021 photos
DC Number:R67662
Birth Date:02/27/1990
Initial Receipt Date:09/08/2010
Current Facility:FL.WOMENS RECPN.CTR
Current Custody:MEDIUM
Current Release Date:01/27/2033

Rachel Wade Other News

A Florida judge sentenced Rachel Wade, the 20-year-old woman convicted of second-degree murder for fatally stabbing her romantic rival in a fight last year, to 27 years in prison Friday.

While acknowledging mitigating factors — primarily Wade’s youth and lack of a criminal past — the judge said her actions were not “unaggravating.”

“The murder was no accident,” Judge Joseph Bulone said.

Wade went to trial in July, accused of second-degree murder in the stabbing death of 18-year-old Sarah Ludemann. The two women, only teenagers at the time, had fought for months via voicemails, text messages and MySpace postings over their relationship with the same man, Joshua Camacho.

The feud culminated in a fatal confrontation in the early morning hours of April 15, 2009.

After a three-day trial and only two and a half hours of deliberation, a jury of five men and one woman convicted Wade of second-degree murder. Wade had claimed self-defense and hoped for an acquittal or no more than a manslaughter conviction.

A life sentence was recommended by Florida prosecutors. The defense had recommended 15 years, followed by 15 years of probation.

TruTV’s “In Session” correspondent Beth Karas spoke to Wade days before her sentencing.

“I think about it every day, regardless if they give me five years or 20 years more than they could give me,” Wade said. “I never meant to do it, and I’m still gonna have to live with it, no matter if I’m home or if I’m in prison.”

Wade’s lawyer told HLN Friday that the sentence was “very fair.”

“I just don’t think this was a case that called for life,” said Jay Hebert.

Hebert said the case is a cautionary tale about the potentially deadly mix of young people and modern communications technology.

“When you start looking at the tragic nature of this, the social networking, the instant messaging, the ability of people to hide behind the screen and make statements and create situations — it just festered until it bubbled up and exploded into a situation… until two good girls, their worlds collided,” he said.

Hebert said Wade has resolved to teach young people about the dangers associated with social networking.

“I don’t think we can appreciate how young people talk,” he said. “And that’s the lesson for parents. Pay close attention to your children. Watch how they talk and who they talk to. Watch their social networking outlets.”

“Because it’s an explosive situation when when you don’t have to be accountable, when you can break up with somebody or ask somebody to prom via text,” he said. “There’s no face-to-face interaction.”

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Rachel Wade Now

Rachel Wade is currently incarcerated at the Florida Women’s Reception Center

Rachel Wade Release Date

Rachel Wade is scheduled for release in 2033

Rachel Wade Other News

Rachel Wade, the teenage girl who murdered her romantic rival, Sarah Ludemann, was sentenced Friday in a Florida courtroom to 27 years in prison.

According to the St. Petersburg Times,  Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Judge Joseph A. Bulone said that Wade had “caused a lot of pain” before handing down the sentence.

Wade, now 20, was found guilty of second-degree murder on July 23. The jury deliberated for less than three hours, before siding with prosecutors, who argued that Wade had murdered the 18-year-old Ludemann in April 2009 because the two were involved with same young man, Joshua Camacho.

The state maintained that Wade murdered her nemesis, then sat back as Ludemann was dying and asked Pinellas Park police officers for a cigarette.

Prosecutor Wesley Dicus described the stabbing as so violent that the knife blade was bent.

Wade’s attorney, Jay Hebert, maintained that his client acted in self defense,  saying that on the night of the murder, Ludemann and her friends were on their way to “jump” Wade. Months and months of vicious taunts and bickering came to a head, he explained, and it was Ludemann, not Wade, who started the fatal fight.

During his closing argument, Hebert told the jury, “Sarah was the aggressor. They couldn’t stop her. She went looking for Rachel that night.”

Wade and Ludemann were both dating the same young man in a twisted and drama-filled love triangle that lasted for months.

There had been numerous confrontations between the girls

The most damning evidence from the trial was a collection of threatening voice mail messages from Rachel to Sarah.

Rachel Wade is heard saying, “Please tell me Sarah why you would be a dumb-a** c**t and put a brand new picture of you and Josh at the beach on your MySpace. Seriously, I told you to watch your f***ing back and not to f***ing chill with him. I’m guaranteeing you that I’m going to f***ing murder you, I’m letting you know that now.”

The jury fell silent after the messages were played in court, and Rachel began crying


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