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Patrick Gilmore Teen Killer Murders With A Crossbow

patrick gilmore michigan crossbow

Patrick Gilmore was a seventeen teen killer from Michigan when he shot and killed another teenager with a crossbow. According to court documents Patrick Gilmore would fatally shoot Lane Roslund with a crossbow and would bury him in a shallow grave. The motive for the murder was never made clear.

This teen killer would eventually confess to police in killing Lane Roslund and would admit to putting the victim’s sweatshirt, cellphone and other belongings near a lake in the hope that police would believe that the seventeen year old victim drowned. Patrick Gilmore would lead police to Lane Roslund body. Patrick Gilmore would eventually plead guilty to first degree murder and may receive a life without parole sentence when his sentencing hearing comes up

Patrick Gilmore More News

A Barry County teen who police say fatally shot a 17-year-old with a crossbow and then buried his body in a shallow grave has now pleaded guilty to open murder.

18-year-old Patrick Gilmore is set to be sentenced on Wednesday, May 25 for the September 2021 homicide of 17-year-old Lane Roslund.

Authorities say Gilmore was 17 years old at the time he committed the crime and was charged as an adult with open murder and concealment of a body.

A probable cause document filed in Barry County Circuit Court states that Gilmore told detectives he shot Roslund once in the chest with a crossbow on September 10, or September 11 in 2021.

Gilmore lead Michigan State Police to Roslund’s body which was buried behind his grandfather’s Hastings Township home on October 13, 2021.

The Barry County Prosecutor Julie Nakfoor Pratt said her office is pursuing a life sentence without the possibility of parole, but that because Gilmore was younger than 18 at the time of the crime, his defense team could argue for a lesser term.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that juveniles may not receive mandatory sentences of life without parole.

Patrick Gilmore Pleads Guilty

Patrick Gilmore Other News

A Barry County teen pleaded guilty to killing another teenage boy in September 2021 with a crossbow before he admitted to burying his body in a shallow grave, according to court records.

The accused killer, 18-year-old Patrick Gilmore, admitted to police he tried to cover up the Sept. 2021 homicide of 17-year-old Lane Roslund, according to a probable cause document filed in Barry County Circuit Court.

Gilmore pleaded guilty to open murder in Barry County Circuit Court last Wednesday and will be sentenced May 25. Gilmore was 17 years old at the time of the killing and was charged as an adult with open murder and concealment of a body.

As part of the plea agreement, prosecutors dropped a charge of concealment of a body.

Investigators found Roslund’s remains in a shallow grave on Gilmore’s property on the 1600 block of M-43 in Hastings Township Oct. 13, 2021. According to investigators, Gilmore shot Roslund once in the chest with a crossbow on Sept 10, 2021 or Sept 11, 2021.

Gilmore told detectives he intentionally placed a sweatshirt, cell phone and bicycle belonging to Roslund in Hastings near the Thornapple River in an attempt to deceive investigators to follow an initial theory the teen drowned.

Detectives said Gilmore also wanted to direct attention away from his residence, located about two miles from Tyden Park, where Roslund was last seen alive.

Roslund had been missing for about a month after he was last seen in a downtown Hastings park, court records show.

Detectives said Gilmore lead Michigan State Police to Roslund’s decomposed body.

Detectives said they began to question Gilmore a month later after Roslund went missing when witnesses said Roslund was potentially headed to Gilmore’s house.

Hastings Police said Gilmore initially denied any involvement during questioning but later admitted he shot Roslund and buried him in a hole he dug on his grandfather’s property.

Investigators found two crossbows hanging in Gilmore’s basement. Detectives said one crossbow bolt without an attached broadhead was located in the woods near the burial site.



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