Alex John Radulovic Charged With Infant’s Murder

Alex John Radulovic

Alex John Radulovic is a man from Michigan who has been charged in the murder of his girlfriend’s one year old son. According to court documents Alex John Radulovic became enraged at the one year child and would grab him by the chest and slammed him multiple times on the floor. Alex John Radulovic would then place the one year old in his crib and he went out for a walk. When Alex John Radulovic returned to the home with a friend the one year old was groaning and an ambulance was called. The one year old boy Alexander “Xan” Butler would die soon after arriving at the hospital. Alex John Radulovic would admit to authorities that he had injured the child.

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The Kent County Prosecutor’s Office has charged a 23-year-old man in the Saturday morning death of a 1-year-old Grand Rapids boy.

Alex John Radulovic, 23, has been charged with one count of felony murder and one count of first-degree child abuse in Alexander Butler’s death. The prosecutor’s office said both are punishable by life in prison.

“Child abuse in the first degree is knowingly and intentionally causing serious physical harm to a child and that’s got to be not just anybody but a caregiver. Usually it’s a parent or guardian,” said Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker. “It’s not accidental, it’s not reckless. You have to knowingly and intentionally do some action that causes that serious physical harm. Those are fairly rare, fortunately. It’s not something that we see on a regular basis but we do see it a few times a year.”

Becker says typically these kinds of charges come about from someone close to the child.

“We’ve unfortunately had quite a few child abuse charges/homicides over the last few years and the public is always extremely worried about them. They think that it’s strangers (doing it) or something along those lines and unfortunately it’s typically somebody really close to the child,” said Becker.

The prosecutor’s office says Radulovic is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday and is being held at the Kent County Correctional Facility.

On Saturday around 9 a.m., emergency crews were sent to Weston Street SW between Ionia Avenue SW and Division Avenue S on reports of an infant not breathing.

The Grand Rapids Police Department said the child was taken to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead. His death was later determined to be suspicious.

After an autopsy revealed that Alexander died of head trauma and his death was ruled a homicide. GRPD says Radulovic was responsible for the infant at the time of the incident. Authorities believe Radulovic was the boyfriend of the infant’s mother.

Alex John Radulovic Other News

 The Grand Rapids Police Department has announced charges against a man in connection to the death of a 1-year-old boy he was caring for. 

Alex John Radulovic, 23, was responsible for the child’s care at the time of the incident. He’s since been charged with one count of felony murder and one count of child abuse of the first degree, the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office says. If convicted, both are punishable by life in prison.

According to court documents obtained by 13 ON YOUR SIDE, police and medical personnel were called to the apartments at 50 West St. SW to a report of a 1-year-old child not breathing on Saturday, Feb. 5.

Court documents say Radulovic carried the child out to the ambulance and told police he lived with the child’s mother but wasn’t related to the child.

Radulovic told detectives the child’s mother was at work at the time. 

The child died at the hospital and appeared to have bruising/marks on his face, chest and back. 

Police say GRPD detectives, Forensic Services Technicians and personnel from Child Protective Services were called in to investigate.

The Kent County Medical Examiner’s Office determined the child died from head trauma, and his death was ruled a homicide. 

The victim has been identified as 1-year-old Alexander Butler.

During a police interview, detectives said Radulovic made multiple conflicting statements about what happened that morning, but eventually said “I got upset and accidentally did the wrong thing.” 

He told investigators he was irritated at the child’s fussiness and slammed the boy onto the ground two or three times before the baby became unresponsive. 

Radulovic was arraigned in court on Tuesday where he was denied bond.

Radulovic’s attorney says that he struggles with mental health issues and is requesting counseling and treatment for the mental health disorders.

He’s due in court later this month. 

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