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Patrick Gilmore Teen Killer Murders With A Crossbow

patrick gilmore michigan

Patrick Gilmore was a seventeen year old teen killer from Michigan who would murder another teen with a crossbow. According to court documents Patrick Gilmore would shoot and kill seventeen year old Lane Roslund in Hasting Michigan. Patrick Gilmore would bury the body of Lane Roslund in his backyard. The search for Roslund was over a month long before his body was finally found. Patrick Gilmore would be arrested and before his trial was set to begin would plead guilty to the brutal murder and be sentenced to life in prison

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Patrick Gilmore More News

A shocking murder that was cold-blooded and calculated, according to Barry County prosecutors.

Patrick Gilmore, 18, showed little emotion over two hours Wednesday as he was sentenced to life in prison with no parole for killing Lane Roslund, 17, in Sept. 2021.

“Every court hearing we have sat here looking for justice or sign of remorse,” said Lane’s mother, Jenipher Roslund, during Gilmore’s sentencing Wednesday. “We see none. Not a tear, not a look of sadness.”

Gilmore was 17 years old when he killed teenager Lane Roslund with a crossbow and buried the teen’s body in his backyard, according to prosecutors.

In his sentencing decision, Judge Schipper determined Gilmore was irreparably corrupt and didn’t meet any non-life sentence criteria for a juvenile offender.

“I don’t think Lane will ever have a day to walk free, and I don’t think Mr. Gilmore should either,” said Barry County Circuit Court Judge Michael Schippers.

Lane Roslund’s parents described him as a loving teenager and the oldest of seven siblings. Jenipher Roslund, and Lane’s father, Michael Roslund, both cried as they delivered their victim impact statements in court.

“There’s been so much hurt in the family when you celebrate your son’s 18th birthday and he’s not there.”

Gilmore researched, planned and even asked his girlfriend for permission before the murder, said David Banister, Barry County chief assistant prosecutor.

A dispute over marijuana led to the killing, according to Banister.

“It’s 100 percent premeditated and done out of anger,” Banister said.

Police found Roslund’s remains in a shallow grave on Gilmore’s property on M-43 in Hastings Township Oct. 13.

For 32 days, Roslund’s family searched for him after he was reported missing around Sept. 10.

Gilmore told detectives he intentionally placed Roslund’s sweatshirt and belongings near the Thornapple River to trick investigators into thinking the teen drowned.

“We endured 32 days of hell,” Roslund said. “We stood nearly feet from my son’s dead body, while talking to the person who murdered my son.”

In March, Gilmore pleaded guilty to open murder and in exchange prosecutors dropped a charge of concealment of a body.

Gilmore declined to provide a statement during his sentencing.

“I don’t know whether he has words or could find words for you, your honor,” Gilmore’s attorney Carol Dwyer told Judge Schippers.

Dwyer argued Wednesday Gilmore should be released on parole after 25 years since he is a juvenile offender and suffered from alcohol and drug abuse.

“A lot can happen in 25 years that can inform us as to where’s there any justification or reason to take a chance on Patrick Gilmore and offer him parole,” Dwyer said.

Prosecutors argued Gilmore has not taken accountability for a long rap rap sheet in juvenile court dating back to 2017, when Gilmore was 13 years old.

“For the vast majority of the four and a half years he was in court, he was supervised, getting services, cared for by our court system,” Banister said.

Gilmore is currently on probation for a larceny. He has also been charged with killing animals, calling in fake bomb threats to school and making a false police report that he killed his parents.

“It’d be very difficult to predict recidivism in a youth that kills,” Judge Schippers said.

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