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Julian Antonio Pinedo Stabs 14 Yr Old Girl For Saying No

Julian Antonio Pinedo

Julian Antonio Pinedo is a man from Illinois who would travel to Michigan to have sex with a fourteen year old girl and when she said no he would stab her multiple times. According to police reports Julian Antonio Pinedo and the fourteen year old girl met online and had discussed meeting in person. Julian Antonio Pinedo would travel from Illinois to Michigan arriving at the 14 year old girls residence. When the girl told Julian Antonio Pinedo she would not have sex with him he reacted by stabbing her several times in the back and midsection. The fourteen year old girl would be rushed to the hospital where she will hopefully make a full recovery. Julian Antonio Pinedo initially fled the scene however he would soon call 911 and turn himself over to officers. Julian Antonio Pinedo has been charged with assault with intent to murder.

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An Illinois man has been charged with assault with intent to murder after traveling to Michigan to have sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Authorities say Julian Pinedo traveled to Springfield Township to meet the girl, who he met online.

Pinedo was in court Friday facing charges after authorities say they were called to a home earlier this week where they found a teenage girl lying on the floor bleeding from several stab wounds to her back and midsection.

The teen said she met Pinedo online, and he discussed going to see her in Michigan.

When Pinedo arrived at her home, the teen told him she was not going to have sex with him. That’s when he allegedly stabbed her several times.

The girl was taken to an area hospital in critical condition and was scheduled to have surgery.

According to authorities, Pinedo fled the girl’s home, but called 911 and turned himself in to authorities.

He is being held at the Oakland County Jail under a $2 million bond.

Police said the girl’s parents weren’t home at the time of the attack, and her younger sibling was asleep.

The teen called her parents, and they rushed home and called 911.

The Oakland County sheriff has warned that no one should give their private information to strangers they meet online.

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