Tanaya Lewis Teen Killer Stabs Classmate To Death

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Tanaya Lewis was seventeen years old when she stabbed a fellow classmate in Michigan. According to court documents Tanaya Lewis and the victim were arguing about a fellow classmate that both young women had dated. This teen killer would chase after the victim and would stab her twice in the chest before bystanders would intervene. Unfortunately the victim would be raced to the hospital where she would die during surgery. Tanaya Lewis would plead no contest to murder and would be sentenced to twenty seven years in prison

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Tanaya Lewis was sentenced in September 2020 and has yet been entered into the Michigan Department Of Corrections

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The young woman who was charged with stabbing a classmate to death at Warren Fitzgerald High School has pleaded no contest. 

In a pretrial conference on Wednesday, Tanaya Lewis entered the plea in Macomb County Circuit Court to one count of premeditated, first-degree murder in the September 2018 death of 16-year-old Danyna Gibson. 

Lewis will be sentenced by Judge Kathryn A. Viviano on Sept. 16, four days after the two-year anniversary of Gibson’s death.

“There are specific rules for no contest, nolo contendere pleas, and she fit within that category, so that’s why that was done,” said Mark L. Brown, Lewis’ attorney.

Authorities allege Lewis brought a steak knife to school on Sept. 12, 2018, and stabbed Gibson with it during class in front of 20 witnesses. The girls were described by police as straight-A students who had apparently argued and texted each over a student, “Evan,” whom both had dated.

Warren Police Detective James Twardesky testified in 2019 that during initial questioning about the incident, Lewis said of Gibson, “I don’t like her … I hate her.”

Twardesky testified Lewis described Evan, a classmate, as the “love of her life” and said they had broken up over the summer. But the pair were working on their relationship and Gibson “was ruining everything.”

Witnesses told police Lewis smiled and laughed as she chased Gibson with the knife.

Gibson, who died during surgery from two stab wounds in the chest, was a National Honor Society student and active on the school’s cross country team, student council, robotics club, color guard and marching band.


Tanaya Lewis Other News

A little more than two years after she stabbed one of her classmates to death at Fitzgerald High School in Warren, Tanaya Lewis was sentenced to at least 27 years in prison Wednesday. Lewis appeared before Judge Kathryn Viviano in 16th Circuit Court to receive her sentence after she pleaded no contest last month to first-degree murder.

Prior to sentencing, Lewis addressed the court and gave a tearful speech in which she apologized for what happened and said she wished she could take back the stabbing.

“I have nightmares about it. I accept my punishment,” Lewis said while crying before later adding “No amount of apologies will take it back.”

She added that she hopes one day her victim’s family will forgive her.

Viviano said the Lewis’s pre-sentencing report was unique because there was nothing in it to explain how the stabbing took place or why Lewis would act that way. The report gave Viviano hope that Lewis will be able to turn her life around and be rehabilitated during her prison sentence. Viviano then issued the sentence that comes with a maximum of 40 years in prison.

Lewis was convicted of murder after she stabbed 16-year-old Danyna Gibson to death during a school fight on Sept. 12, 2018. Witnesses described a scene in which Lewis yelled “I’m going to kill you” while laughing and chasing Gibson with a steak knife before actually stabbing Gibson. A teacher then pushed Lewis out of the classroom, but it was too late.

The fight started between the two girls over a boy who was in their school.

Family members for Gibson also spoke prior to sentencing and expressed the pain they feel by not having Danyna in their lives.

Lewis was deemed competent to stand trial in late 2018, but the trial was repeatedly delayed before she entered her plea last month. As part of the sentencing, Lewis was ordered to have no contact with Gibson’s family and to pay fines. She was given credit for 735 days served, meaning she will be eligible to be released in 2045.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When Is Tanaya Lewis Release Date

    Tanaya Lewis was sentenced to twenty seven years in prison

  2. Why Is Tanaya Lewis In Prison

    Tanaya Lewis was convicted of the murder of sixteen year old Danyna Gibson

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