Anthony Belton Ohio Death Row
anthony belton

Anthony Belton was sentenced to death by the State of Ohio for the murder of a store clerk. According to court documents Anthony Belton went into a convenience store and demanded money and phone cards, once the clerk handed it over he was fatally shot in the head. Anthony Belton was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death.

Ohio Death Row Inmate List

Anthony Belton 2021 Information

Number A659445

DOB 11/23/1985

Gender Male

Race Black

Admission Date 04/26/2012

Institution Chillicothe Correctional Institution


Anthony Belton More News

He shot and killed a gas station clerk. Late Friday afternoon, convicted murderer Anthony Belton learned his fate.

Belton has been sentenced to the death penalty after the fatal shooting in 2008 of carryout clerk Matthew Dugan.

The crime was all caught on surveillance video. Belton walked into the BP gas station on the corner of Dorr and Secor. He then went to the counter, pulled out a gun and demanded cash. When Dugan turned his back, Belton fatally shot him in the head.

A three-judge panel announced the unanimous decision after more than seven hours of deliberation. The courtroom was emotionally charged as the sentence came down.

Belton showed little remorse, even smiling before and after he learned he was heading to death row. He interrupted court and at one point even stood up saying he wanted the hearing to be over.

That did not stop the victim’s mother from speaking to the court about her loss. After the death penalty sentence was read, Cindy Dugan said the judges made the right choice. She said there are no winners in this situation, but the family does feel some sense of peace.

“Life is precious and when someone takes a loved one in that way, such a cruel, harsh way, they need to think about what they’re doing to everyone,” said Dugan.

Leaving the courtroom, Belton showed no remorse, telling WTOL’s Matt Wright he is not sorry.

The case may enter an appeal process before the Ohio Supreme Court.

On Monday, Belton changed his plea from not guilty to no contest.

On Wednesday, a three-judge panel found Belton guilty of aggravated murder and aggravated robbery.

On Thursday, testimony continued in the sentencing phase.

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