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Jan Brawner was executed by the State of Mississippi for the murders of four people. According to court documents Jan Brawner would go to his ex wives home and murdered her, their daughter and her parents. Jan Brawner would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death. Jan Brawner would be executed by lethal injection on June 12 2012

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Petitions to the United States supreme court for a stay of execution for Jan Michael Brawner were denied late Tuesday afternoon. And Brawner was put to death hours later.

Brawner was pronounced dead at 6:18 Tuesday night. He is convicted of killing his 3-year-old daughter, his ex-wife and her parents in 2001. Brawner later admitted to the crimes and apologized to family members seconds before the injection started Tuesday night.

According to Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps Brawner discussed the murders with him hours before he died Tuesday.

“He talked about killing the mother in law first and then secondly was his former wife and then he took his three-year old  and allowed her to watch television,” said Epps.  “He thought about what he had done and thought that she could identify him, so he went and killed her and then he waited on the father in law to come home and killed him.”

Brawner shot his ex-wife and her parents each three times. He shot his own daughter 2 times in the face.

Epps said Brawner did show remorse saying “I asked him was he ready  to go and he said he was prepared. And he said that he deserved to be executed for what he did.”

David Craft, who found his parents, sister and niece dead in their Tate County home in 2001 was the only family member who witnessed the execution.

Afterwards family members released a statement saying “man has a choice of good and evil. Michael choose evil while my family chose good.”

This is the fifth inmate executed in Mississippi this year.

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