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Mississippi Death Row Inmate List

mississippi death row

The Mississippi Death Row for men is located at the Mississippi State Penitentiary on Unit 29 while the Mississippi Death Row for women is located at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility. Mississippi primary method of execution is lethal injection.

Mississippi Death Row Inmates – Women

Lisa Jo Chamberlin

Mississippi Death Row Inmates – Men

Abdur Ambrose

Bobby Batiste

James Billiot

Joseph Brown

Xavier Brown

Anthony Carr

Caleb Carrothers

Ricky Chase

Tony Clark

David Cox

Charles Crawford

David Dickerson

Timothy Evans

Leslie Galloway

Willie Godbolt

Blayde Grayson

Marlon Howell

James Hutto

Kelvin Jordan

Jason Keller

Steven Knox

Thong Le

Thomas Loden

Willie Manning

Eric Moffett

Terry Pitchford

Stephen Powers

Robert Simon

Clyde Smith

Roger Thorson

Justin Underwood

Alan Walker

Derrick Walker

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