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joseph brown

Joseph Brown was sentenced to death by the State of Mississippi for a robbery murder. According to court documents Joseph Brown would shoot and kill a convenience store clerk in the commission of a robbery. Joseph Brown would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death.

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Joseph Brown 2021 Information

Race: BLACKSex: MALEDate of Birth: 11/18/1968
Height: 5′ 11”Weight: 219Complexion: DARK
Build: LARGEEye Color: BROWNHair Color: BLACK
Entry Date: 03/17/1994Location: MSPUNIT: UNIT 29
Location Change Date: 03/18/2019Number of Sentences: 1Total Length: DEATH

Joseph Brown More News

In the early hours of August 8, 1992, Brown and his girlfriend, Rachel Walker, were driving around Natchez in search of drugs.   Brown drove to the Charter Food Store and went inside.   Walker stayed in the car and observed Brown approach the counter.   Walker saw the store clerk, Martha Day, grab her chest and fall.   Brown returned to the car with a gun and a cash register.   Brown allegedly told Walker, “If you love me, you won’t say anything.”   Day’s body was later discovered with four bullet wounds.   She had been shot once in the head, once through the heart, and twice in the back.   The convenience store had marked a two-dollar bill and left it in the cash register.   This bill was included in the currency that Brown gave to Walker for a drug purchase later that morning.   Walker also pawned a .22 caliber pistol for $20 that same day which was used for yet another drug purchase.   Police recovered both the two-dollar bill and the .22 pistol.

¶ 3. Walker and Brown were arrested on August 11, 1992.   While in jail, Brown sent notes and letters to Walker which contained incriminating statements such as, “But we must be strong if we are going to beat this stuff ․ just tell them that you don’t know anything.”   A fellow inmate, Larry Bernard, said that Brown confided that he (Brown) had shot Martha Day and taken the cash register.   The State’s ballistics expert linked the bullets found in Day’s body with the pistol pawned by Walker.   A jury found Brown guilty as charged, and he was sentenced to death by lethal injection.   Brown appealed the conviction and sentence which were affirmed by this Court in Brown v. State, 682 So.2d 340 (Miss.1996).   He was represented on appeal by his trial counsel, Pamela Ferrington and Donald Ogden.

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