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Lester Bower Texas Execution

Lester Bower - Texas

Lester Bower was executed by the State of Texas for a quadruple murder. According to court documents Lester Bower would shoot and kill  Bob Tate, Philip Good, Jerry Brown and Ronald Mayes in an empty airplane hanger. Lester Bower who spent thirty years on death row would maintain his innocence. Lester Bower was executed by lethal injection on June 3, 2015

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The oldest prisoner on death row in Texas was executed tonight.

“Much has been said about this case,” he said while strapped to the death chamber gurney. “Much has been written about this case. Not all if it has been the truth. But the time for discerning truth is over and it’s time to move on.”

The Associated Press reported Bower snored quietly half a dozen times after receiving the injection and then stopped moving. He was pronounced dead 18 minutes later.

Lester Bower, 67, has maintained his innocence, saying the men were alive when he left after buying an airplane. Prosecutors said he wanted to buy the airplane from one of the men, but in an attempt to hide the purchase from his wife, he went to the hangar and stole it.

Bower initially lied to his wife and investigators. He later admitted that he had been to the ranch where the four victims — Bob Tate, Philip Good, Jerry Brown and Ronald Mayes — were found. Good was a sheriff’s deputy and Mayes was a former police officer.

Parts of the plane were later found in his home and he was unable to produce a receipt for the airplane.

Lester Bower is the eighth inmate in Texas to be executed this year.

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