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Ray Jasper was executed by the State of Texas for a robbery murder. According to court documents Ray Jasper would attempt to steal recording equipment from David Alejandro and in the process would slit his throat causing his death. Ray Jasper would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death. Ray Jasper would be executed by lethal injection on March 19, 2014

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Ray Jasper, who was convicted 14 years ago of killing a man he intended to rob of recording equipment by slashing his throat, has been executed.

Officials pronounced Jasper dead at 6:31 p.m. Wednesday, after a lethal dose of pentobarbital was injected into his system.

Of the three men found guilty of David Alejandro‘s November 1998 slaying, Jasper, 33, was the only one to receive a death sentence.

Co-defendants Steve Russell and Douglas Williams are each serving life sentences. Russell took a plea deal days after a jury sentenced Jasper to death and Williams was sentenced to life by a jury six months later.

No one from Jasper’s family was in Huntsville Wednesday to witness the execution. No one from the Alejandro family, who are against the death penalty, attended either — instead opting to spend the evening together in San Antonio.

During his capital murder trial in 2000, Jasper, a local rapper, admitted to using a kitchen knife to cut David Alejandro’s throat during what was supposed to be a recording session at the victim’s studio.

But Jasper also insisted that he wasn’t responsible for Alejandro’s death. It was instead the 25 stab wounds inflicted by Williams and Russell that caused the death, he asserted on the witness stand.

In a seven-page letter Jasper recently sent to Gawker.com that he has described as his final statement, he continued to deflect responsibility.

“I’m on death row and yet I didn’t commit the act of murder,” he said in the letter, which has been touted by Gawker.com for having been read 1.7 million times.

He is the third inmate executed in Texas this year.


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