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brett dibiase

Brett DiBiase Pleads Guilty To Fraud

Former WWE wrestler Brett DiBiase has plead guilty to conspiracy to defraud the federal government. According to court documents Brett DiBiase would plead guilty after authorities learned that he used money that was intended for poor families in Mississippi for other purposes. Now Brett DiBiase is facing five years in federal prison plus a $250,000 fine. Brett DiBiase plead guilty in 2020 to State charges… Read More »Brett DiBiase Pleads Guilty To Fraud

tammy sytch

Sunny AKA Tamara Lynn Sytch Charged With Murder

Former WWE Diva Sunny whose real name is Tamara Lynn Sytch or Tammy Sytch has officially been charged with homicide for a DUI crash that left another person dead. According to police reports Tammy Sytch was driving in Florida with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit when she struck the vehicle of seventy five year old Julian Lassester. Tammy Sytch who has… Read More »Sunny AKA Tamara Lynn Sytch Charged With Murder