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Celebrity Crime

Celebrity Crime, all crime relating to celebrity including murders committed by celebrities and celebrities who were murdered

danny masterson

Danny Masterson Convicted Of Rape

Actor Danny Masterson has been convicted of two counts of sexual assault and now faces up to thirty years to life in prison The actor best know as Hyde from The 70’s show first trial ended in a hung jury was convicted in his second trial and immediately taken into custody without bail Danny Masterson’s wife actor and model Bijou Phillips made an audible gasp… Read More »Danny Masterson Convicted Of Rape

Rapper MoneySign Suede Murdered In Prison

Rapper MoneySign Suede whose real name was Jaime Brugada was murdered in a California prison According to California Department Of Corrections MoneySign Suede was unaccounted for during a cell count. When officers went looking they would find the body of the 22 year old rapper who had injuries that showed a violent attack MoneySign Suede was sentenced to three years in prison for two gun… Read More »Rapper MoneySign Suede Murdered In Prison

gary glitter paul gadd

Sex Offender Gary Glitter Sent Back To Prison

Convicted sex offender and former glam rocker Gary Glitter has been sent back to prison after being released barely a month ago. According to court documents Gary Glitter, whose real name is Paul Gadd, was convicted of child pornography back in 1999 and after serving time in prison for that offense Glitter moved to Vietnam where he would later be convicted on more sex charges… Read More »Sex Offender Gary Glitter Sent Back To Prison

Connor Smith

MTV Connor Smith Wanted For Sex With A Minor

Connor Smith was once on the MTV Program Are You The One? and is now wanted on a $1,000,000 warrant for soliciting sex from a minor. According to police reports Connor Smith was speaking to someone online who he believed was under the age of fifteen years old. Well the person he was really talking to was a undercover agent who reported that Connor Smith… Read More »MTV Connor Smith Wanted For Sex With A Minor

Yung Corleon

Rapper Yung Corleon Gets 27 Years In Prison

Houston rapper Yung Corleon has been sentenced to 27 years in prison for sex trafficking. According to court documents Yung Corleon, whose real name is Aryion Jackson, kept a house filled with 12 women who were ordered to earn a thousand dollars a day through sex work. One of the women in the home was a fourteen year old runaway. Yung Corleon would be convicted… Read More »Rapper Yung Corleon Gets 27 Years In Prison

Playboi Carti

Playboi Carti Arrested For Choking Pregnant Girlfriend

Rapper Playboi Carti has been arrested for choking and pushing his pregnant girlfriend during an argument over a paternity test. According to police reports Playboi Carti girlfriend of two years told police that the two were arguing over a paternity test when the rapper became violent at his Atlanta Georgia home. The girlfriend attempted to leave and was pushed by Playboi Carti, whose real name… Read More »Playboi Carti Arrested For Choking Pregnant Girlfriend

pablo lyle

Telenovela Star Pablo Lyle Gets 5 Years For Road Rage Murder

Telenovela star Pablo Lyle received a five year prison sentence for a road rage incident that went horribly wrong. According to police reports Pablo Lyle and the victim Juan Ricardo Hernandez were involved in an argument when Lyle would strike Hernandez who would fall and hit his head. Juan Ricardo Hernandez would die from his injuries. Pablo Lyle would ultimately be convicted and sentenced to… Read More »Telenovela Star Pablo Lyle Gets 5 Years For Road Rage Murder

Jeffery Lamar Williams

Young Thug Jeffery Lamar Williams RICO Trial Begins

Young Thug whose real name is Jeffery Lamar Williams RICO trial begins today and if the rapper is convicted will spend decades behind bars. Prosecutors are describing Young Thug as one of the creators of a violent street gang called YSL which stands for Young Slime Lime which is responsible for a long list of violent crimes from murders to shootings to carjackings and are… Read More »Young Thug Jeffery Lamar Williams RICO Trial Begins

Ron Jeremy mugshot

Ron Jeremy To Be Declared Incompetent To Stand Trial For Rape

Ron Jeremy the former porn star is expected to be declared incompetent and unable to go forward to trial on multiple counts of sexual assault. According to police records Ron Jeremy was arrested and charged with more than thirty counts of sexual assault. However his mental competence has been a hindering point to go forward with prosecution and now it is believed that due to… Read More »Ron Jeremy To Be Declared Incompetent To Stand Trial For Rape

taylor lewis

Teen Mom 2 Taylor Lewis Death Treated As Murder

Taylor Lewis who appeared on the series Teen Mom 2 was found dead in a hotel room in Eden North Carolina and police are reportedly treating the death as a homicide. According to police reports Taylor Lewis (pictured right) was found dead by a housekeeper. By viewing surveillance tapes police saw two men leaving the hotel room approximately around the time that she passed. Police… Read More »Teen Mom 2 Taylor Lewis Death Treated As Murder

Jennifer Shah

Jennifer Shah Sentenced To Prison For Mega Fraud

Jennifer Shah one of the stars of The Real Housewives Of Salt Lake is going to spend the next six and a half years in prison for a wide spread telemarketing fraud. According to court documents Jennifer Shah played a key role in a National telemarketing scheme that ran for over nine years and targeted the elderly. Jennifer Shah would plead guilty to wire fraud… Read More »Jennifer Shah Sentenced To Prison For Mega Fraud

Phil Baroni

Ex UFC Fighter Phil Baroni Arrested For Murder

Ex UFC fighter Phil Baroni has been arrested for the murder of his girlfriend in Mexico. According to initial reports Phil Baroni was arrested after local police arrived at his residence after he called saying that he was fighting with his girlfriend, threw her into the shower where she hit her head and collapsed. Phil Baroni would then say he would help her to the… Read More »Ex UFC Fighter Phil Baroni Arrested For Murder

Kate Major mugshot

Kate Major Charged With 3rd DUI

Kate Major the stepmother of actress Lindsay Lohan has been arrested and charged with DUI for the third time. According to police reports Kate Major was arrested after officers saw her sitting in a Target parking lot at 2am in the morning and when officers approached her she was reeking of booze. Unfortunately for Kate Major the car was running which makes it a DUI.… Read More »Kate Major Charged With 3rd DUI

Gervonta Davis

Boxer Gervonta Davis Charged With Domestic Violence

Boxer Gervonta Davis has once again been arrested and this time he has been charged with domestic violence against his girlfriend. According to police reports Gervonta Davis would strike his girlfriend who would call 911. When police arrived they noticed marks on her face and arrested the undefeated boxer. Now Gervonta Davis has been arrested for domestic violence in the past and is currently getting… Read More »Boxer Gervonta Davis Charged With Domestic Violence

tory lanez megan thee stallion

Tory Lanez Guilty Of Megan Thee Stallion Shooting

Tory Lanez has been found guilty of the shooting incident involving Megan Thee Stallion. According to court documents Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion were involved in an argument that ended with the Canadian rapper firing gunshots at Megan feet. The incident which ended with Megan Thee Stallion suffering injuries to her feet and legs from bullet fragments. Now Tory Lanez is facing up to… Read More »Tory Lanez Guilty Of Megan Thee Stallion Shooting

andy dick

Andy Dick Guilty Of Sexual Battery

Troubled comedian Andy Dick has been found guilty of sexual battery and now must register as a sex offender. According to court documents in 2018 Andy Dick would grab the groin of an Uber driver in Los Angeles California. Now Andy Dick along with registering as a sex offender, must spend 90 days in jail. attend 52 Alcoholic Anonymous meetings, 52 Sexual Compulsion Anonymous meetings,… Read More »Andy Dick Guilty Of Sexual Battery

Ryan Grantham

Actor Ryan Grantham Murders Mother

Ryan Grantham is a small time Canadian actor who has appeared in such shows as Riverdale and the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and now is a convicted murderer. According to court documents Ryan Grantham in a rage would shoot his mother in the back of the head and then planned to assassinate the Prime Minister of Canada. Initially Ryan Grantham was charged with first… Read More »Actor Ryan Grantham Murders Mother

courtney clenney

Only Fans  Courtney Clenney Charged With Murder

OnlyFans  Courtney Clenney aka Courtney Tailor has been charged with murder. According to police reports  Courtney Clenney allegedly stabbed her boyfriend Christian Obumseli back in April 2022. Courtney Clenney was arrested in Hawaii and is now being extradited back to Miami Florida to face the murder charges. Since her arrest videos have surfaced that showed Courtney Clenney physically assaulting Christian Obumseli outside of an elevator.… Read More »Only Fans  Courtney Clenney Charged With Murder

tammy sytch

Sunny AKA Tamara Lynn Sytch Charged With Murder

Former WWE Diva Sunny whose real name is Tamara Lynn Sytch or Tammy Sytch has officially been charged with homicide for a DUI crash that left another person dead. According to police reports Tammy Sytch was driving in Florida with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit when she struck the vehicle of seventy five year old Julian Lassester. Tammy Sytch who has… Read More »Sunny AKA Tamara Lynn Sytch Charged With Murder

Byron Pringle mugshot

NFL Byron Pringle Arrested In Florida

Chicago Bears wide receiver Byron Pringle has been arrested in Tampa Bay Florida for a number of driving offenses. According to police reports Byron Pringle was observed doing donuts and driving aggressively on a public road. When the NFL player was stopped he acted aggressively to officers. To make matters worse for Pringle he had his child in the car. Byron Pringle has been charged… Read More »NFL Byron Pringle Arrested In Florida

Ryan Reavis

Ryan Reavis Gets 11 Years For Mac Miller OD Death

Ryan Reavis has received an 11 year prison sentence for supplying the drugs that would lead to the overdose death of musician Mac Miller. According to court documents Ryan Reavis supplied Cameron James Pettit Oxycodone pills that were laced with Fentanyl who would then give them to Mac Miller. Mac Miller whose real name was Malcolm James McCormick would take the pills a couple of… Read More »Ryan Reavis Gets 11 Years For Mac Miller OD Death

kidd creole

Kidd Creole Guilty Of Manslaughter

Rap pioneer Kidd Creole has been found guilty of manslaughter in the stabbing of a homeless man in New York City. According to court documents Kidd Creole whose real name is Nathaniel Glover would get into an argument with the victim, John Jolly, that ended with Kidd Creole fatally stabbing Jolly. Kidd Creole lawyers attempted to blame the hospital for the reason why John Jolly… Read More »Kidd Creole Guilty Of Manslaughter

tammy sytch

Tammy Sytch Investigated On DUI Manslaughter Charges

Tammy Sytch who was known as Sunny back in her WWE days is suspected of driving under the influence in Florida and causing a crash that killed a 75 year old man. According to police reports Tammy Sytch was driving at a high rate of speed when her Mercedes Benz slammed into the back of another vehicle killing the elderly man. Those who are familiar… Read More »Tammy Sytch Investigated On DUI Manslaughter Charges

drew brooks

Teen Mom Drew Brooks Charged With Attempted Murder

Teen Mom alum Drew Brooks has been charged with attempted murder in Tennessee. According to police reports Drew Brooks was arrested following an incident that took place on April 3 2022. Drew Brooks who was arrested last month for unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon however charges would be dropped due to lack of witnesses. Drew Brooks who has been arrested a number of times over… Read More »Teen Mom Drew Brooks Charged With Attempted Murder

hope solo dui

Hope Solo Arrested For DUI And Child Abuse

Former US National soccer player Hope Solo has been arrested for DUI and child abuse. According to police documents Hope Solo was pulled over in Winston-Salem, North Carolina after she was observed weaving all over the road. Now a DUI arrest would have been bad enough but Hope Solo was not done there as she had her twins in the back seat and to make… Read More »Hope Solo Arrested For DUI And Child Abuse

Mark Walton

Mark Walton NFL Player Arrested For Armed Robbery

Former NFL running back Mark Walton has been arrested in Florida for armed robbery. According to court documents Mark Walton and an accomplice demanded money and valuables from the victim. In the end Mark Walton would make off with a Rolex watch. Mark Walton who is no stranger to the law was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2018 and the Miami Dolphins in 2019… Read More »Mark Walton NFL Player Arrested For Armed Robbery

saucy and honey

Saucy and Honey Target Fail

Saucy and Honey are a couple who post videos on YouTube and their latest video “24 HOUR OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE IN TARGET!! (CAUGHT?!?)” ended with both of them facing up to seven years in prison. Saucy and Honey whose real names are Johnson Larose, 25, and Charlotte Fischer, 24, decided to do the whole 24 hour challenge like a number of other YouTubers so they went into… Read More »Saucy and Honey Target Fail


Brittney Griner Arrested In Russia

Women’s Basketball superstar Brittney Griner has been arrested in Russia on drug charges. According to reports Brittney Griner was arrested at a Russia airport after the custom official found vape cartridges in her luggage that contained cannabis oil (hashish) . Unfortunately for Brittney Griner the possible penalty for the hashish is five to ten years in prison. Brittney Griner plays in a Russian league during… Read More »Brittney Griner Arrested In Russia

Kather Sei

Kather Sei Charged In Fatal Overdose

SWAT actor Kather Sei has been charged in the fatal overdose of Bed Head founder’s son Ray Mascolo fatal overdose. According to police reports Kather Sei and Mirela “Mimi” Todorova have been charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute controlled substances resulting in death, and one count of distribution of fentanyl resulting in death. Mimi Todorova who is… Read More »Kather Sei Charged In Fatal Overdose

snootie wild murder

Snootie Wild Murdered In Houston

Memphis rapper Snootie Wild was shot in Houston Texas on Friday and would succumb to his injuries on Saturday, Feb 26, 2022. Snootie Wild whose real name is LePreston Porter was found in a vehicle stuck in a ditch and the rapper had been shot in the neck. Snootie Wild was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately would later pass away from his injuries. At… Read More »Snootie Wild Murdered In Houston

lindsey pearlman

Actress Lindsey Pearlman Found Dead In Hollywood

Actress Lindsey Pearlman has been found dead in Hollywood days after she was reporting missing. According to police reports Lindsey Pearlman was reported missing on February 13 2022 after she failed to return home. On February 18 2022 LAPD would find the remains of Lindsey Pearlman in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles “Today around 8:30 a.m., Hollywood Area officers responded to a radio call… Read More »Actress Lindsey Pearlman Found Dead In Hollywood

Jerry Harris

Jerry Harris Cheer Star Pleads Guilty To Child Porn Charges

Jerry Harris the breakout star from the show Cheer has just plead guilty in Federal court to child pornography charges. According to court documents Jerry Harris would plead guilty to to one count each of receiving child pornography and engaging in sexual acts with a minor. Jerry Harris who admitted to traveling outside of the State to engage in sexual relations with a fifteen year… Read More »Jerry Harris Cheer Star Pleads Guilty To Child Porn Charges

Caleb Kennedy

Caleb Kennedy Charged In Fatal DUI

Former American Idol contestant Caleb Kennedy has been charged in a fatal DUI that has left a man dead in South Carolina. According to police reports Caleb Kennedy was driving a 2011 Ford pickup when he struck a building killing a man inside. Caleb Kennedy would be arrested and when his alcohol level was tested he was well over the legal limit. The former American… Read More »Caleb Kennedy Charged In Fatal DUI

Ryan Geraghty

Ryan Geraghty Arrested In Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Standoff

Ryan Geraghty has been arrested following a standoff at his ex girlfriends Elizabeth Lyn Vargas home. Elizabeth Lyn Vargas is best known for being part of the series Real Housewives Of Orange County. According to police reports Ryan Geraghty would break into the home of Elizabeth Lyn Vargas home and would threaten the reality tv star. Elizabeth Lyn Vargas would call 911 and Ryan Geraghty… Read More »Ryan Geraghty Arrested In Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Standoff

rae carruth

Rae Carruth Celebrity Crime

Rae Carruth was a NFL player whose career came to a crashing end when he was charged in the murder of a pregnant woman. In 1997 Rae Carruth was drafted by the NFL Carolina Panthers. Carruth who would sign a five million dollar contract for four years would do well his first year however he would break his foot during the second season and had… Read More »Rae Carruth Celebrity Crime

Johnny Lewis

Johnny Lewis Celebrity Crime

Johnny Lewis was an actor who is best known for playing half sack on the television program Sons Of Anarchy however it is what took place after leaving the show that most people remember. According to family members and friends Johnny Lewis behavior drastically changed following a motorcycle accident. Johnny Lewis would be arrested multiple times in a two month behavior and would spend time… Read More »Johnny Lewis Celebrity Crime

josh duggar

Josh Duggar Celebrity Crime

Josh Duggar is the latest celebrity to find themselves in court and convicted of some nasty charges. Josh Duggar who is known as Joshua Duggar from the reality television show 19 Kids And Counting first started showing up as a sexual deviant as he was let go from the Family Research Council when news came out that he may have molested a number of children… Read More »Josh Duggar Celebrity Crime

austin jones

Austin Jones Celebrity Crime

Austin Jones was a popular YouTuber until his followers found out what he was using his young fan base for. Austin Jones who would later admit to asking young female followers to send private videos to him in order to prove that they were his biggest fans. According to deal he made with prosecutors he asked over thirty young fans to do this. Austin Jones… Read More »Austin Jones Celebrity Crime