Mistie Moyer Teen Killer

Mistie Moyer Teen Killer Murders Infant

Mistie Moyer was seventeen when she murdered her three month old son in Michigan. According to court documents the infant was found dead by authorities in his mother’s care, an autopsy of the infant showed previous injuries including a broken arm. This teen killer would plead guilty to a host of charges including homicide and would be […]

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Thomas McCloud Jr Teen Killer

Thomas McCloud Jr Teen Killer Murders 2 Homeless Men

Thomas McCloud Jr was fourteen years old when he was convicted of two murders in Michigan. According to court documents Thomas McCloud Jr and another young teenager Dontez Tillman attacked a homeless man and ended up beating the sixty one year old man to death. This teen killer would be convicted of a second murder in the […]

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Tanaya Lewis Teen Killer

Tanaya Lewis Teen Killer Stabs Classmate To Death

Tanaya Lewis was seventeen years old when she stabbed a fellow classmate in Michigan. According to court documents Tanaya Lewis and the victim were arguing about a fellow classmate that both young women had dated. This teen killer would chase after the victim and would stab her twice in the chest before bystanders would intervene. Unfortunately the […]

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jeremy lee photos

Jeremy Lee Teen Killer Murders Pregnant Woman

Jeremy Lee was sixteen years old when he helped murder a pregnant woman in Michigan. According to authorities Jeremy Lee and Jacob Barnes would abduct the pregnant woman, bring her to an abandoned building where she was beaten and set on fire. The teen killer would be sentenced to twenty five to sixty years in prison. Jacob […]

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Delilah Evans Teen Killer

Delilah Evans Teen Killer Murders Mother

Delilah Evans was a seventeen year old who murdered her mother in Michigan. According to court documents Delilah Evans would stab her mother over a hundred times causing her death. On the same day, December 25 2016, Delilah Evans would also stab her brother in the hand. This teen killer was sentenced to life in prison without […]

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Dakotah Eliason Teen Killer – Kills Sleeping Grandfather

Dakotah Eliason was fifteen years old when he shot his Grandfather who was sleeping. According to court documents Dakotah Eliason would grab a gun, walk over to his Grandfather who was sleeping on the couch. According to family friends Eliason was dealing with a deep depression having lost a number of crucial people in a […]

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