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Adam Sabrina Hetke Murders Vydale Thompson-Moody

Adam Sabrina Hetke
Adam Sabrina Hetke

Adam Sabrina Hetke is an accused killer from Wisconsin who has been charged with the murder of Vydale Thompson-Moody

According to police reports Adam Sabrina Hetke, who identifies as a Transgender vampire,would torture and finally murder Vydale Thompson-Moody by wrapping a cable around his neck. Hetke would tell his roommate he was trying to remove the demons out of Vydale. The body of Vydale Thompson-Moody would be found inside of Hetke home

Before being charged with the murder of Vydale Thompson-Moody Adam Sabrina Hetke was convicted of the sexual assault of a young teen who he would follow home from a gas station and convince the mentally challenged teen to climb out of her bedroom where she would be sexually assaulted by Hetke who was armed with a knife

Adam Sabrina Hetke is a convicted sex offender who had two previous sex charges and who authorities warned he/she still posed a high risk of reoffending

Adam Sabrina Hetke Photos

Adam Sabrina Hetke
Adam Sabrina Hetke

Adam Sabrina Hetke News

A sex fiend who identifies as a transgender vampire has been convicted of sexually ravaging a teen girl with special needs.

Cops say Adam “Sabrina” Hetke, 35, was also under investigation for strangling a man to death near his Waukesha, Wisconsin home.

Hetke has been jailed twice for sex offences against women and was the subject of a police warning in 2016 that stated there was a “high probability” they would re-offend.

Still, Hetke was able to terrify a young teen with learning disabilities into fleeing out her bedroom window after Hetke followed the girl home from a gas station. Armed with a knife, Hetke then sexually assaulted the girl before she got away.

According to cops, in the weeks before the sex assault, the Satanically inspired Hetke confessed to a pal about the strangulation.

Hetke said: “I killed him. God can’t bring him back but I can because I’m the devil.”

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After the sex assault of the teenager, Hetke was arrested for the murder of Vydale Thompson-Moody, a mentally challenged 28-year-old. Thompson-Moody was discovered dead at Hetke’s house the morning after he had been invited in.

His body was found with an electrical cord beneath him and there were marks to his neck and forehead. A roommate said Hetke had been bullying the victim and was attempting to remove his demons.

Hetke began identifying as a trans vampire after being sprung on mandatory release in 2020.

But homicide detectives struggled to pin the murder on Hetke and Hetke was released on administrative charges.

That’s when the dead man’s mom took matters into her own hands. She brought her findings to cops, who reinvestigated the slaying and talked again to the aspiring vampire’s roommates.

But while detectives took another look, Hetke sexually assaulted the teenager, who was warned she was dealing with a vampire.

“Being that they let this person go and commit another crime, it hurt,” Serena Thompson said. “It could’ve been prevented.”

Before trial, Hetke was judged sane and will now be sentenced on June 7. The venal vampire will also go to trial for murder later this year

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