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execution by state

For the last few days I have been working on categorizing Executions By State over at Murder Database. Needless to say some States such as Texas dominate in terms of individuals executed and there are a number of States who have only executed a handful of people since 1977 and in some cases all of the individuals who were executed volunteered to do so. I am going to provide the links below and again all of the links will go to Murder Database

Table of Contents

Executions By State

Federal Executions

Alabama Executions

Arizona Executions

Arkansas Executions

California Executions

Colorado Executions

Connecticut Executions

Delaware Executions

Florida Executions

Georgia Executions

Idaho Executions

Illinois Executions

Indiana Executions

Kentucky Executions

Louisiana Executions

Maryland Executions

Mississippi Executions

Missouri Executions

Montana Executions

Nebraska Executions

Nevada Executions

New Mexico Executions

North Carolina Executions

Ohio Executions

Oklahoma Executions

Oregon Executions

Pennsylvania Executions

South Carolina Executions

South Dakota Executions

Tennessee Executions

Texas Executions

Utah Executions

Virginia Executions

Washington Executions

Wyoming Executions

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