Joseph Spencer Teen Killer Murders Family

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Joseph Spencer was sixteen years old when he murdered his mother, father and nine year old sister in West Virginia. According to prosecutors the teen killer would shoot and kill his mother outside of the home, before going back inside to murder his father and nine year old sister. Joseph Spencer would then call 911 and told authorities what he had done. Joseph Spencer would plead guilty to three counts of murder and would be sentenced to two life sentences to be served concurrently and another life sentence to be served consecutively. Joseph Spencer is eligible for parole in 2027

Joseph Spencer 2020 Information

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Offender ID (OID) Number: 3540583

Name: Spencer, Joseph Burton

Sex: Male

Birth Date: 12/31/1995

Height: 5′ 6″Weight: 127 lbs.

Race: White

Location: Mount Olive Correctional Center

Intake Date: 7/30/2014 10:00:00 AM

Next Parole Hearing: 9/3/2027

Maximum Parole Discharge Date: Not Available

Projected Release Date: Not Available

Joseph Spencer More News

Life with mercy.

That’s the sentence for a Doddridge county teenager guilty of killing three members of his family.

Joseph Spencer got that sentence Monday for the deaths nearly 18 months ago of his father, mother and younger sister.

Spencer, who is now 18, will serve his sentence in the West Virginia Penitentiary.

But his attorney is concerned he won’t get the psychiatric help he needs.

“Did I think those needs would be met within the West Virginia penal system? Unfortunately, I do not think they will,” says Spencer’s attorney, Rodney Windom. “Our mental health care in the penitentiary system is lacking, and that is a disservice to the inmates and to the state of West Virginia and the public.”

The deaths happened on Labor Day, 2012.

Spencer shot his father and then his mother to death before killing his sister.

He pleaded guilty last month to three first-degree murder charges.

Joseph Spencer Other News

Doddridge County officials have released court documents that say 16-year-old Joseph Spencer called 911 and advised them he had just shot his family on Sept. 3 .

Dead was Spencer’s parents and young sister of West Union.

Part of the case file was made public after Circuit Court Judge Tim Sweeney granted a motion by the state to try Spencer as an adult.

The report says Doddridge County sheriff’s deputy C.W. Modesitt answered the call to the residence, and when he arrived he apprehended Spencer and placed him in his cruiser.

“Upon clearing all structures on scene, I observed a female lying outside at the foot of the porch steps, dead from apparent gunshots. Through the front downstairs door.”

“I observed a female approximately 9 years old lying dead from apparent gunshot wounds. Up the stairs to the residence, and in a back bedroom, I observed a third body. The third body was a male adult,” says the report.

The victims were identified as Fred and Dixie Spencer and their young daughter Patience “PJ” Spencer.

Spencer told the officer he loaded a 9mm handgun belonging to his father and shot all three family members before calling 911.

The youth has been charged with three counts of first degree murder.

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