Corey Spencer Teen Killer Murders Woman During Robbery

Corey Spencer Teen Killer

Corey Spencer was fifteen when he took part in a murder. According to court documents Corey Spencer, Johnny Phifer and Dustin Bernard would shoot a young woman in the course of a robbery. The pregnant woman would die from her injuries. Corey Spencer and Johnny Phifer were both fifteen years old when the murder took place. Dustin Bernard would be sentenced to fifty years in prison. This teen killer received a life sentence with no parole for thirty years. Johnny Phifer case is still in front of the courts.

Corey Spencer 2023 Information

SID Number:    50560149

TDCJ Number:    02301868


Race:    B

Gender:    M

Age:    18

Maximum Sentence Date:    LIFE SENTENCE       

Current Facility:    TELFORD

Projected Release Date:    LIFE SENTENCE

Parole Eligibility Date:    2047-12-10

Corey Spencer Other News

A teenage boy has been sentenced to life in prison for fatally shooting a 19-year-old pregnant woman in 2017.

The Beaumont Enterprise reports 17-year-old Corey Spencer admitted for the first time during Wednesday’s sentencing that he shot Kera Teel during the attempted car robbery two years ago.

Spencer has been in and out of juvenile detention for burglaries he’s been involved in since he was 10 years old.

The teen has no chance of parole for 30 years and will be moved to a facility for youthful offenders.

Corey Spencer More News

Corey Spencer was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 19-year-old Kera Teel and her unborn child in 2017.

Spencer pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and aggravated robbery in connection with Teel’s death. 

The shooting happened in June 2017 at the Sienna Trails Apartments in Beaumont. 

Teel says he was breaking into cars at the apartment complex trying to get money to fix his mother’s car. He says he shot Teel because he was scared.

“You took my best friend, my life,” Teel’s mother said during sentencing on Wednesday. 

There were two other people involved in the robbery and shooting, but investigators said Spencer admitted to being the one who pulled the trigger. He told the court he originally lied about being the gunman because his cousin “told him not to say anything.”

Spencer was only 14-years-old on the day Teel was shot. He is now 17 years old. 

Spencer’s criminal history dates back years before the tragic murder. Court records show he was linked to burglaries when he was just 10 and 11 years old. 

Spencer’s mother was escorted out of the courtroom by police following the sentencing. She was screaming to her son, “We’re going to fight this,” as she was removed. 

Rachel Keller, who was in the courtroom at the time of the sentencing, says she continued to scream outside of the courtroom and was being subdued by police.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Corey Spencer Now

Corey Spencer is incarcerated at the Telford facility in Texas

Corey Spencer Release Date

Corey Spencer is not eligible for parole until 2047
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