Maurice Stewart Wanted For NYC Subway Murder

Maurice Stewart

Fifteen year old Maurice Stewart is wanted by the New York City Police Department for a murder on a subway train that left one person dead and five others injured

According to police reports accused teen killer Maurice Stewart would open fire on a New York subway that would claim the life of Obed Beltran-Sanchez, 35, and injured five others aboard the subway

A sixteen year old has been arrested and charged with murder and five counts of attempted murder while police continue to search for fifteen year old Maurice Stewart who is facing the same charges

NYPD believe the shooting was a result of a gang dispute

Maurice Stewart News

New York City police have named a teenage suspect wanted in the deadly shooting on a train that killed an innocent bystander and injured several other people during a gang dispute.

The NYPD released an image of Maurice Stewart over the weekend. Investigators said he was connected to the deadly shootout between rival gangs on a #4 train at the Mount Eden station in the Bronx last week.

“Thou shalt not kill – please take a look at this flyer. On Monday, February 12, during rush hour, this person opened fire on the subway killing a New Yorker,” NYPD Deputy Commissioner Kaz Daughtry posted on X. “We need your assistance. Help us keep our transit system safe.”

Meanwhile, a 16-year-old boy has been charged with murder and five counts of attempted murder, Fox New York reported.

The first shots were fired as the train pulled into the elevated Bronx station shortly before 5 p.m. and continued on the crowded platform as passengers fled. Investigators found 19 shell casings, three of which were found inside a subway car.

A man, identified as Obed Beltran-Sanchez, 35, died after being shot in the chest. The five other people wounded ranged in age from 14 to 71.

Maurice Stewart More News

Police have released an image of the third teenager wanted after Monday’s deadly shooting at a Bronx subway station.

The NYPD says 15-year-old Maurice Stewart is wanted in connection to the shooting.

An innocent bystander was killed and five others were hurt when shots rang out at the Mount Eden Avenue train station during the Monday evening rush.

Police say the shooting started over a gang dispute.

A 16-year-old was arraigned Friday night on murder charges.

A 14-year-old was also arrested, but his charges stemmed from an earlier shooting in the Bronx, police said

Maurice Stewart Other News

Police have named the suspected teenage killer in a Bronx subway shootout, and they want help tracking him down.

Investigators say Maurice Stewart, 15, fired the shot that killed a 35-year-old man on the platform at the Mount Eden Station on Monday.

The shooting injured five other people, including a 14-year-old, who police believe was another shooter.

Police also charged a 16-year-old.

35-year-old Obed Beltran-Sanchez, was killed.

“One bullet hit him in the chest. He died almost immediately,” said Jorge Islas, Consul General of Mexico in New York. “And with that, that bullet, life on a dream, someone who was willing to do something important for his family.”

Islas says Beltran-Sanchez left behind a wife and two young daughters. It is believed he was a migrant from Mexico who crossed the border from Canada in search of construction work as a day laborer.

“He can buy a little house for his family. And he was willing to work hard in American New York, and over time, retire and go back to Mexico to work on Puebla and eventually live in the house that he was willing to build,” Islas said.

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