Murder Database Updates – US Executions

US Executions

Well it is time for another Murder Database update. The site has now passed 2900 killers and as of a few minutes ago have finished with the US Executions section of the site. Right now I am trying to determine whether or not I am going to move on to Serial Killers or Spree Killers or work on the navigation of the site

Murder Database is slowly picking up traction and gaining more viewers each day. It still only gets a small percentage of what My Crime Library gets each day but it is will eventually get there.

Below is listed the pages on Murder Database that ties in with the executions that have taken place in the United States since 1977

US Executions 1977 – Present

2023 Executions

2022 Executions

2021 Executions

2020 Executions

2019 Executions

2018 Executions

2017 Executions

2016 Executions

2015 Executions

2014 Executions

2013 Executions

2012 Executions

2011 Executions

2010 Executions

2009 Executions

2008 Executions

2007 Executions

2006 Executions

2005 Executions

2004 Executions

2003 Executions

2002 Executions

2001 Executions

2000 Executions

1999 Executions

1998 Executions

1997 Executions

1996 Executions

1995 Executions

1994 Executions

1993 Executions

1992 Executions

1991 Executions

1990 Executions

1989 Executions

1988 Executions

1987 Executions

1986 Executions

1985 Executions

1984 Executions

1983 Executions

1982 Executions

1981 Executions

1979 Executions

1977 Executions

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