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My Crime Library Update

I have run My Crime Library since its inception back in 2018/2019 and to date there is over 2500 posts and it has been visited by a few million people. Lately I have not been posting as much as I do work full time as a truck driver so I spend sixty hours a week behind the wheel. Needless to say my weekends are mostly sleeping and getting things in order for the next week of driving. Right now I am debating what to do with this website

Option One – Sell My Crime Library

I have received offers over the years to buy My Crime Library however due to the amount of time I have spent building this site, the revenue it does bring in and the value of the site I have turned down all offers. Now I am more likely to sell My Crime Library however I am not going to let it go for a low price

Option 2 – Hang On To My Crime Library

Like i mentioned in option 1 My Crime Library continues to bring in revenue each month and though it is lower than in years past, due to the lack of effort I have been putting in, it still covers all costs associated with this site in a couple of days and the rest is pure profit.

I get offers five days per week for guest posts however I have always turned them down for they have nothing to do with crime and just companies trying to improve their own websites by buying links. The last thing I want to do is bug my readers with posts that are in my opinion garbage.

My Crime Library Future

Anyway I just wanted to let you know what is going on. I am actually on vacation for the next week as the auto plants are doing their annual switch over to get ready for new models. So chances are you are going to see more posts this week and as for the future of My Crime Library I guess we will just wait and see.

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  1. I vote for – Option 2 – Hang On To My Crime Library
    Hope you just post when you feel like it. Would not be the same without you.
    “Chicken one day, Feathers the next”. Feathers are fine – meaning lapse in posts. Especially working SIXTY hours/wk. (yikes). . Your writing skills are terrific.

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