Top 10 Funny Mugshots

funny mugshots

Well something a little bit different today as I decided to look into some odd mugshots that have taken place over the years. To be honest this post was inspired by a recent mugshot out of West Virginia a few days ago where the alleged suspect just looks like he is completely insane. Anyway lets take a look at an assortment of mugshots over the years. There is no particular order to this list.

1. Alan Dale Lee Mugshot

funny mugshots

Alan Dale Lee is the man above in the mugshot with unfortunate teeth and he has been arrested numerous times mostly related to drugs.

2. Halfhead Man Mugshot

Halfhead man who is also known as Carlos Sosa or Carlos Rodriguez who was arrested on drug related charges actually had a brief YouTube career where he describes what happens to his head. Turns out he was high on drugs when he was involved in a car crash where he flew out of the vehicle and landed on his head.

3. Sean Payne Mugshot

How do you know when you are too drunk to drive? When someone has to hold your head up in your mugshot. This is what happened to Sean Payne in Texas after he was arrested for being way over the legal limit.

4. David Pate Mugshot

Needless to say David Pate has a rather odd appearance with the combination of a split tongue and tattoos. The good news is as long as you avoid South Carolina prisons you will not encounter him in a dark alley as he sentenced to life without parole

5. Sammy Martz Mugshot

Sammy Martz

Sammy Martz is the mugshot I talked about in the beginning of this article. Sammy Martz who has been charged with torturing and kidnapping a woman in West Virginia

6. Tiffany Dawn Evans Mugshot

Needless to say Tiffany Dawn Evans was in a real bad place when this mugshot was taken but thankfully she had been able to turn her life around since the media dubbed her the Zombie Hooker

7. Caius Veiovis Mugshot

Caius Veiovis may look evil in this mugshot and that would be a correct assumption as he would later be convicted of triple murder.

8. Alyssa Zabrasky Mugshot

Alyssa Zabrasky life was going straight downhill when this mugshot was taken but thankfully since then she has had all of her facial tattoos removed and turned her life around.

9. Victor Joseph Espinoza Mugshot

Victor Joseph Espinoza is a 400 plus wannabe gangster from California who would be convicted of trying to kidnap a ten year old boy

10. Sean Sexton Mugshot

This particular mugshot of Sean Sexton shows what happens when reality sets in. Turns out Sean Sexton was not as tough as he though he was

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