Toronto Rapper Top5 Hassan Ali To Face Murder Charges

Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali Top5

Hassan Ali who is a rapper from Toronto who goes by the name of Top5 has arrived back in Canada to face murder charges. Hassan Ali was arrested for the murder of Hashim Omar Hashi who was shot multiple times while attempting to drive his car. According to police Hashim Omar Hashi had no gang ties or criminal involvment. Hassan Ali was charged with being an accessory after the fact to the murder however later the charges would be upgraded to first degree murder. Hassan Ali who was out on bail at the time would cut off his ankle bracelet and flee to California. According to police the only reason Hashim Omar Hashi was murdered was that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Needless to say the chances of Top5 bailing out this time are slim to none.

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A Toronto man who police say cut off his ankle bracelet and fled to California while on bail has returned to Canada to face a first-degree murder charge.

Hassan Ali, 23, made a brief remote court appearance Friday after Toronto homicide officers escorted him back to the city from the U.S. after his arrest by Los Angeles police officers last October at a Hollywood fast food outlet.

“I’d like to stay in Toronto, please,” Ali, rubbing his chin and dressed in a white tracksuit, said while sitting in a video cell at 23 Division as lawyers discussed his next court appearance with a justice of the peace.

Ali, performs as the rapper Top 5, was ordered released on bail last March while charged with being accessory after the fact to the killing of Hashim Omar Hashi, 20. Police described the Humber College accounting student as well-respected, humble and hardworking with zero gang ties or criminal involvement.

Hashi was shot multiple times around 9 p.m. on Jan. 31, 2021, attempting to drive his car in the garage of his apartment building near Jane Street and Falstaff Avenue. There was no connection between Hashi and Ali, police said.

Last May, when Ali learned his charge was going to be upgraded to first-degree murder, he cut the GPS ankle bracelet and fled his residence, state the extradition hearing documents filed in the United States District Court of the Central District of California.

The allegations contained in the documents have not been tested in court. They allege that Ali, who is from Lawerence Heights, is a member of the Jungle Bloods street gang, also known as the Go Getem Gang. The documents allege he participated in Hashi’s killing to avenge the 2017 slaying of his brother. Police believe Hashi was not targeted because he had anything to do with the killing, but because he was in an area of the city considered enemy turf.

The court documents suggest Toronto prosecutors intend to rely on some of Ali’s prolific online social media activity to prove their case against him. That includes him discussing killing people “in retaliation for his brother’s death on public social media posts, including one less than three days before the murder,” the October 2021 document says. Ali also recorded a song where he threatened to kill someone “just for Foolish,” the nickname of his brother.

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