Frank Deleon Charged In Murder Of Girlfriend

Frank Deleon

Frank Deleon a seventeen year old alleged teen killer from Texas has been charged in the murder of his girlfriend. According to police reports Frank Deleon believed that his girlfriend Diamond Alvarez was cheating on him. Frank Deleon would ambush the young woman and would shoot her twenty two times as she was walking her dog and would die from her injuries. Frank Deleon would be arrested and is currently sitting in a Texas county jail as he has been charged with murder.

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A 17-year-old boy was arrested Monday and charged with murder for allegedly shooting his ex-girlfriend 22 times as she walked her dog in a Houston park last week, authorities said.

Diamond Alvarez, 16, was lured to the park last Tuesday after she received a text message from the suspect, Frank Deleon Jr., asking that she meet him there, the victim’s mother Anna Machado said.

Soon after, Alvarez’s family heard the gunfire from their house and rushed to the nearby green space when their dog, Peanut, returned home alone, relatives said.

The family found Alvarez’s body and the mother tried to revive her daughter by performing CPR, but it was too late.

Police said the teen couple’s relationship ended after Alvarez learned Deleon was cheating on her.

Machado said her daughter and her alleged killer dated “on and off” for about a year.

“My daughter was always crying about him,” the mother said.

Machado said she visited a makeshift memorial honoring her daughter after learning of the arrest in the case.

“I went up over there again, crying and said: ’Baby you have justice. It’s not done yet. It’s not over yet. But at least we know a name,’” she said.

Deleon was being held in Harris County Jail and prosecutors are seeking a $250,000 bond.

But Machado wants the suspect held without bond.

“He doesn’t even deserve a high bond. He executed my daughter,” the mother said.

Frank Deleon Posts Bond

The 17-year-old boyfriend of a teen girl who was shot and killed in southwest Houston has been released from jail after he was arrested for her murder.

Frank Deleon Jr., 17, posted his $250,000 bond Wednesday morning, according to court records. He’s charged with the murder of 15-year-old Diamond Alvarez.

Family members heard gunshots on Jan. 11 around 9:30 p.m. and grew worried because they knew Alvarez was outside, walking her dog named “Peanut.”

The video above is from a previous report.

Her mother went outside and found her daughter shot 22 times in the 15400 block of Park Manor near Markwood Lane in an open greenspace, just a couple blocks from their home.

Police said Alvarez’s gunshot wounds were consistent with her laying on her back on the ground at the time of her murder. Numerous shell casings were found around her body.

According to Houston police, Deleon was simultaneously in a romantic relationship with Alvarez and another girl.

When Alvarez learned about the other relationship, she went to meet Deleon in the neighborhood. That’s when he shot her multiple times, police said.

Deleon was arrested Monday night after detectives worked with the community to track down witnesses and leads, HPD said.

In court, prosecutors said that when officers arrested Deleon, a suitcase was found in his room, packed with enough belongings for more than an overnight trip.

When prosecutors requested his $250,000 bond, they said there were concerns that Deleon would be violent against Alvarez’s family and retaliate.

According to family members, Deleon was violent against Alvarez in the past, including punching her in the face and pointing a gun at her.

The couple was together for six or seven months, and the relationship had recently ended, the prosecutor said in court.

Prosecutors said that recently, Alvarez saw Deleon with another girl at a quinceañera, and that made her mad.

Investigators said Deleon had been involved with the other girl for a couple years, and begged Alvarez not to tell anyone he and Alvarez had been seeing each other, sparking an argument.

That’s when he reportedly asked Alvarez to meet him in the neighborhood to talk.

When he was arrested, prosecutors said Deleon told police that Alvarez was stalking his new girlfriend, which caused her to break up with him. His new girlfriend reportedly told Deleon to leave her alone on the night of the murder and blocked his calls.

Police said Deleon lied to them when he was arrested and said he didn’t meet up with Alvarez and hadn’t seen her, despite surveillance video and screenshots with evidence of the encounter.

Under his bond conditions, Deleon cannot have contact with anyone involved with the case, including the other alleged girlfriend, any witnesses or their family members. He was granted house arrest with a GPS monitor.

Deleon’s parents appeared with him in court Wednesday, where the judge reiterated that if it is discovered he is not living at their home, his bond will be revoked.

Deleon is scheduled to appear in court again on March 9.

Alvarez’s family set up a GoFundMe page to help with funeral expenses.

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