Michael James Pratt FBI Most Wanted Arrested In Spain

Michael James Pratt
Michael James Pratt

Michael James Pratt a fugitive on the FBI 10 Most Wanted List has been arrested in Spain after three years on the run. According to police reports Michael James Pratt was to stand trial for Federal sex trafficking charges when he fled. Michael James Pratt ran an adult website that coerced young women to film themselves and send him the videos. Among the charges Michael James Pratt is facing are  sex trafficking and sex trafficking of a minor, production of child pornography and money laundering conspiracy.

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The founder of a California-based porn empire that coerced young women into filming adult videos has been arrested in Spain, three years after he fled while facing federal sex-trafficking charges, the FBI announced.

Michael James Pratt was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list. Spanish National Police arrested him Wednesday in Madrid, the FBI’s San Diego field office said in a statement Thursday.

Pratt, a New Zealand native, will be held in Spain pending extradition to San Diego to face charges of sex trafficking and sex trafficking of a minor, production of child pornography and money laundering conspiracy.

Pratt, 40, founded the now-defunct GirlsDoPorn website in San Diego. In 2019, he and others were charged in San Diego with sex crimes after being targeted in a civil lawsuit by 22 women who claimed they were victimized by fraud and breach of contract.

The women said they were plied with alcohol and marijuana before being rushed through signing a contract, which they were not allowed to read. Some said they were sexually assaulted and held in hotel rooms unwillingly until adult filming had ended.

A judge found in favor of the women and handed down a $12.7 million judgment against Pratt, Matthew Isaac Wolfe and adult producer and performer Ruben Andre Garcia.

Wolfe, who handled day-to-day operations, finances, marketing and filming for the website, pleaded guilty this year to a single federal count of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking. He awaits sentencing.

The other co-defendants also pleaded guilty. Garcia was sentenced to 20 years in prison and cameraman Theodore Gyi received a four-year sentence.

Valorie Moser, a former bookkeeper for GirlsDoPorn, also pleaded guilty last year.


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