Murder Database 3000 Killers Update

murder database

Well another Murder Database ( update as the new site has over 3000 killers

I have been working on Teen Killers for the most part as I tend to find those particular cases more fascinating as they are still rare as compared to others. I tend to avoid cases that have to deal with gang violence as they all tend to be the same

As mentioned in the last Murder Database update all executions in the US since capital punishment was resumed in 1977 is now completed

There is a bit of difficulty in keeping the Death Row inmates section updated as for whatever the reason when a death row inmate dies of old age or his/her death sentence has been commuted to life in prison is not always new worthy and I tend to stumble on it by accident

For the last couple of months I have been getting requests on both My Crime Library and for guest posts which I have not approved as they have nothing to do with crime. For the most part they have to deal with crypto currency or gambling.

Once again I would like to thank those who have been sharing the posts on Facebook or Reddit as well as those who are liking the posts. Every post on Murder Database gets automatically posted to the My Crime Library Facebook Page

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