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Nicholas Hulme was a seventeen year old from Connecticut that would murder his mother. According to court documents Nicholas Hulme and his mother were driving to a drug rehabilitation center when the two began arguing as Nicholas did not want to go. Nicholas Hulme would strangle his mother causing her death. Nicholas Hulme would flee to New York State where he would be arrested. This teen killer would be sentenced to thirty years in prison

Nicholas Hulme 2023 Information

Inmate Number:406580
Date of Birth:7/19/1996
Latest Admission Date:11/25/2014
Current Location:CHESHIRE CI
Bond Amount:0
Controlling Offense*:MURDER AF
Date of Sentence:2/19/2016
Maximum Sentence:30 Year(s) 0 Month(s) 0 Day(s)
Maximum Release Date:11/24/2044
Estimated Release Date:Not Applicable
Special Parole End Date:Not Applicable

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A teen who killed his mother has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Nicholas Hulme, 19, was charged in his mother’s November 2014 murder. In addition to the prison time, he will also have 10 years of special parole. The sentence was part of a plea deal, and there was no trial.

Hulme was arrested November 6, 2014, three days after the murder. It took a while for him to be arrested because after the attack he fled Connecticut and went to Sleepy Hollow, New York.

Hulme admitted to strangling his mother, Wendy Hulme, 49, in her home in Torrington. That day his mother was driving him to a drug rehabilitation clinic in New York, but he changed his mind about going so they went home, but they kept arguing.

Hulme said his mother “came at him” and he grabbed her around the throat and “choked” her. He said she then appeared “purple and unresponsive.”

After the fight, Hulme told police he took his mother’s car, drove to a nearby bank, and took $100 from her bank account. He said he then drove to Waterbury where he purchased heroin and crack and proceeded to use the drugs. After that, Hulme said he drove to New York City, New Jersey, Bridgeport, and Fairfield before arriving in Sleepy Hollow.

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Nicholas Hulme is currently incarcerated at the Cheshire Correctional Institute

Nicholas Hulme Release Date

Nicholas Hulme is eligible for release in 2046
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