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pressley alston

Pressley Alston was sentenced to death by the State of Florida for a robbery murder. According to court documents Pressley Alson would kidnap the victim James Lee Coon and bring him to a remote location where he would be shot and killed. Pressley Alston would steal the victim’s car. Pressley Alston would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Florida Death Row Inmate List

Pressley Alston 2021 Information

DC Number:709795
Birth Date:10/20/1971
Initial Receipt Date:03/05/1996
Current Facility:UNION C.I.
Current Custody:MAXIMUM
Current Release Date:DEATH SENTENCE

Pressley Alston More News

Pressley Alston, the defendant, was convicted and sentenced to death for the robbery, kidnapping, and murder of James Lee Coon.

Coon was last seen on 01/22/95 leaving a Jacksonville hospital and his car, a red Honda Civic, was found abandoned behind a convenience store the next day. 

On 01/23/95, Gwenetta Faye McIntyre, with whom the defendant was residing at the time, was returning home to Jacksonville after having left due to a quarrel with Alston. 

McIntyre drove her gray Monte Carlo into the parking lot of a convenience store when she noticed Alston and his half brother Dilianjan Ellison pull up from behind in a red Honda Civic.  Alston and Ellison parked perpendicularly to McIntyre, preventing her from driving off. 

When the defendant approached McIntyre’s window, she responded by driving her car forward into the store and backwards into the Civic.  At this time, Alston reportedly got in the Civic, drove it behind the convenience store, and abandoned it. 

Alston and Ellison then got in the McIntyre’s Monte Carlo, and they all drove away together.  The defendant told McIntyre that the Civic was stolen, at which time McIntyre noticed that Alston had her .32 revolver that she kept in her home.

McIntyre became suspicious of the defendant upon hearing news of Coon’s disappearance, and knowing that Coon was driving a red Honda Civic the night of 01/22/95. 

McIntyre began to suspect Alston when he asked her how long it would take for a body to decompose and fingerprints to rub off a bullet.  McIntyre confided in her minister and, in turn, contacted the sheriff’s department on 05/25/95.  Based on the information McIntyre gave deputies and the .32 revolver they found in her home, police arrested Alston and Ellison later that day.

In a written confession, Alston stated that he and Ellison planned to rob Coon.  The defendant and Ellison got into Coon’s car outside the hospital and had him drive out to Heckscher Drive.  The defendant and Ellison searched Coon’s car and took approximately $80-$100 from Coon’s wallet.  When others approached the scene, Alston, Ellison, and Coon drove off to another location where they shot Coon to death.

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