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Torrey Moore Now Charged With 3 Murders

Torrey Moore Maryland

Torrey Moore is a man from Maryland who has now been charged with three counts of murder. According to police reports officers would go to arrest Torrey Moore for the murder and robbery of a gas station attendant and when they arrived at his apartment they would find the mummified body of a woman who was nine months pregnant. The woman had been shot multiple times. Torrey Moore would be arrested and is now charged with three counts of murder.

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Torrey Moore, the suspect in the deadly shooting at a Shell gas station earlier this month, made his first court appearance Monday afternoon.

The 31-year-old’s court appearance was for a bond hearing. However, in court, pretrial services recommend further evaluation of Moore regarding his competency to stay on trial, State’s Attorney John McCarthy confirmed.

A new hearing date of Dec. 19 was set on the charges for the fatal gas station shooting.

Two additional charges were made on Monday regarding the death of the pregnant woman police found in Moore’s apartment.

McCarthy said Moore faces first-degree murder charges for both the woman and the “viable” fetus. The bail hearing for those is expected to be Tuesday, however, it could be pushed back as well.

Montgomery County police officials said Moore got into a confrontation before pulling out his handgun and repeatedly shooting Ayalew Wondimu, 61, the clerk for the Shell gas station convenience store on the 11100 block of New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring on Dec. 8.

Police arrested Moore in his apartment, which was right across the street from the scene of the crime.

There, they made a chilling discovery: a heavily decomposed dead body of a woman.

Moore told officers that the body belonged to his pregnant girlfriend, and she is now dead as a result of a fight they got into about a month ago. He also told detectives she was eight months pregnant. Detectives and the medical examiner’s office are still working on confirming the identity of the woman.

McCarthy told reporters that the cause of death of the woman was multiple gunshot wounds and she has been dead for, “clearly at least a month.” He also confirmed that while there was a foul smell coming from the body, there were no reports of the woman missing nor suspicion of a death in the apartment.

Moore’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Jan. 6, 2023.

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