aundra marshall
aundra marshall

Aundra Marshall was sentenced to death and remains on Alabama Death Row for burning two people alive. According to court documents Aundra Marshall would kidnap  Clarence “Rick” Kile and Allison Kile and would force them into a trunk of a car before setting the vehicle on fire. Aundra Marshall would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

Aundra Marshall 2021 Information

AIS: 0000Z713
Institution: HOLMAN PRISON

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A judge on Friday sentenced a 31-year-old man to death for kidnapping a Bessemer married couple and burning them alive after the husband failed to pay a drug debt.

Aundra Marshall was convicted in March of capital murder in the February 2004 deaths of Clarence R. Kile, 48, and his wife Allison, 38. The victims were beaten, bound and forced into a car trunk before Marshall doused them in gasoline and set the car on fire, according to trial testimony. Jurors recommended the death penalty on an 11-1 vote.

Circuit Judge Teresa Petelos denied a motion by Marshall Thursday to delay sentencing. Marshall had argued that his new lawyer, John Tindle, did not have enough time to prepare.

Petelos on Friday sentenced Marshall to death three times — once for murdering each Kile during a kidnapping and once for killing two people at the same time.

Assistant District Attorney Lane Tolbert, who helped prosecute the case, said Marshall’s death would be more humane than the one he imposed upon his victims.

“His death at the hands of the Department of Corrections will be less painful than what he put them through,” Tolbert said.

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